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  1. he said if we agree he has to send proposed order to judge. Havent signed anything yet
  2. no only 2 years old. Im judgement proof maybe thats why?
  3. Guys i need opinions. Got a call from JDB lawyer and we talked about options. One that i was thinking about is a consent or stipulated judgement. They will settle for 40% of amount with what ever monthly payment i set until its paid (no length of time) and will not file it unless i default on payments. What you guys think?
  4. Im dealing with crown now. I had to go on disability due to health problems and was told i could never work again but they filed suit anyway.I filed MTC and waiting for court. Havent heard anything from anyone in 2 months. If anyone knows of jdb that offer hardship waivers please list them for future reference.
  5. Crown asset sure is filing alot of suits here lately.Seems to me they file against anyone regardless of income..
  6. Has anyone dealt with them? Do they follow you into arb if it gets that far?
  7. My bad i meant 3000.00 not 500.00..
  8. Its simple..If they havent filed suit call them and make them an offer..say 50% of amount...say 3000.00 ..Then ask them to set it up on 12 or 24 month payment plan. They would rather get something than have to play ring-around - the rosie. Try to stay in contact with them hrough out this situation. If you dont that become harder to work with and i know this from first hand experience.
  9. discover will sue...Have you called and asked them to set up another plan? With them ,if it was me, i would try to settle before law suit.
  10. already have my hearing date next month but nothing out of the lawyer for jdb
  11. yes ..actually efiled them and sent paper copy
  12. @cheese..i filed MTC almost 30 days ago and havent heard anything..nothing.. is this normal?
  13. if they do bring this up. how can i counter it..any case law available?
  14. Yes its junk debt buyer..You can bet i will bring it up..