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  1. Hi everyone. Long story short, I am completely lost. I have no idea what to do and can't afford to pay Amex anymore. I was young and got into a lot of trouble financially and ended up using their card a lot more than i should have. I have tried to pay it off over time but the interest makes it impossible to pay off any portion of the actual debt . I was advised to not pay them anything anymore and hope that they move the debt to a collection agency where I could dispute it. That never happened. I received word that Amex filed a summons against me. The summons went unserved because I moved to a different state but I am terrified that they are suing me and have absolutely no idea what to do. I verified this online in the Broward County clerk of courts. I currently have a waitressing job but I’m not making enough money to even pay my bills let alone pay Amex. I’m losing sleep and have lost weight as a result of the stress. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.