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  1. Just wanted to update and finally say that the case has been officially dismissed! Took a couple of weeks, but I'm happy! Again thank you all for your support and advice! Now to just get that collections off my credit report!
  2. Secured credit card is the way to go. As the other posters have mentioned, Credit One is usually where most people start. I would also recommend going to your bank and inquire about a secured credit card from them. They will require a deposit (minimum would be $300, max probably like $5000) and should provide a secured credit card. The good thing about this is that if you are never late and are good with the card, they will return the security deposit to you within a certain timeframe, most likely a year. The cons about the secured cards are that there are annual fees, but after a year, you should have established some credit to open an unsecured card. Some major banks that offer this would be Bank of America, Discover, Citi, US Bank and Wells Fargo. Chase does not offer a secured card to my knowledge. Another way is to perhaps looking to open a store card as well.
  3. Are you able to get your credit card agreement? Which Citi card is it? In the agreement it should have an arbitration clause in there. However, to answer your question about responding to suit, it is 20 calendar days in Arizona from the day you received your summons, so depends on what day you were served. If you only have a couple days, you need to file an answer to the summons so you don't get a default judgement. File this and then look for the credit card agreement if you can to see if there is an arbitration clause. If there is, I'm sure the good people here can be of more help.
  4. Yes, in the agreement it should state that they would send the CRA a "udf" or universal data form, unless it is stated differently in your agreement. This form is more along the lines of proof that they requested it to be deleted. If they didn't request it, then you can sue for breach of contract.
  5. I'm in similar situation here. I've asked them to provide a copy of the universal data form they will be sending in to the CRAs. If it is not removed I will dispute it and provide the form and writing I have in the agreement.
  6. So I just recently settled and won with a JDB, with the help of the wonderful folks here! Thank you again. My question has to do with the part of the settlement agreement where it was agreed that a deletion of the tradeline and reporting to the CRAs would happen. It states they will file a udf, "universal data form", and such but also states they cannot guarantee, warrant, or take responsibility for the performance of the CBs with respect to changing, deleting, suppressing regarding myself and the account. Any action, omission and/or error by the CBs shall not be attributable to JDB and shall not constitute breach of this agreement. It goes on saying it can take up to 120 days to be completed, etc. So my question is, if CRAs do not delete it, can I dispute it in anyway to have it removed? I hate seeing a collection account on my reports and only hope removal of it will bump my score up a bit. I have also requested from the JDB the proof that the form was submitted, so I will have that in my possession. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you @Goody_Ouchless. I'll make sure to update if I do receive a 1099. Although not stated in the agreement, I do have an email from attorney that states they agree to accept my offer to settle this matter in full, dismiss case xxx, and dismiss arb. Doesn't this mean it will be considered as settled in full?
  8. Don't forget that you filed a motion, so the court will want to see proof that you took the steps to file with JAMS. Make sure you keep all the documents you receive from JAMS so you can show to the judge next time you are in court (I'm not 100% sure if you have another court date assigned or not). However, next step is to wait, and you'll receive an invoice from JAMS to pay the $250 if you haven't done so already. I assume that the attorneys will be reaching out to you soon with an offer to settle. In my case the attorneys took about a week to respond with an acceptance of my initial settlement offer which they rejected the first time around. However, with the JAMS beginning to roll and invoice from JAMS sent out, I rejected that offer and countered again with a lower offer and we reached a settlement agreement. Cannot say this is how it will turn out for you, but you are going the right direction! Keep it up!
  9. Have you asked Pacific Power if they can accept payment? Call them and ask. If they say they sold off the debt, then the collection agency owns the debt and any payment to it they get to keep and nothing goes back to Pacific Power. If you check your credit report it should list the accounts that are in collection with the information. Sign up for Credit Karma or Credit Sesame as its free and it should have them listed.
  10. Thank you! I must applaud you for your efforts and thorough help with the other poster. I've been following that thread too and can say you deserve a whole lot of applause!
  11. Haha, I guess you're right. I signed it and sent it over. Again, thank you for the advice and guidance!
  12. Looks like ARS is a collection agency that collects anything past 30 days to 60 days past due, so technically they will be able to sue you if they deem fit. Send the DV letter as mentioned and go from there. If they respond, you can plan for action. If they don't respond, you've bought some time, until the next or same CA sends you another letter.
  13. Want to say thank you to all and the forums here. I will agree to the settlement offer, I will ask them to sign and date first before I sign. Thank you again!
  14. Great! Yes, I countered with the same, I'm sure they won't accept a $0 offer, so I cut my initial offer down to $250, with a mutual dismissal with prejudice and deletion of the tradeline. They have accepted the offer! I've attached it here, with some info redacted. Could you review and let me know if things need to be taken out or added? I'm assuming #4 is what you explained about it being dismissed with prejudice. Really appreciate it! They haven't dated or signed yet, should I have them sign and date first and then tell them I accept? Thank you settlement agreement and release.pdf
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