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  1. How do I know if they don’t make he request?
  2. And that would be the "Universal Data Form"?
  3. The agreement states that no cause of action can be brought against the Bank or Firm if the CRAs don't delete.
  4. The agreement also states that I have to pay off in full the debt owed on the Credit Card Account, which is fine if the line will be deleted. I just don’t want to do that and then have them screw me.
  5. I’m settling a debt with a Bank. The lawyers for the bank state the Bank will agree to request with the CRAs to delete my trade line in exchange for me dropping a federal suit I have against the bank. However they say they are not guaranteeing the CRAs will delete the trade line when requested. Is this BS? Under FCRA for a consumer account aren’t the CRAs required to delete the account if the Bank requests so?
  6. What are the repercussions of submitting a fact information sheet to a collection firm? I have a judgment against me in small claims that orders the sheet to be submitted if I can't satisfy the judgment within 45 days. I am able to neglect other bills & pay it off in full before the submission deadline. Should I pay it off and not submit the fact information sheet or submit the sheet and wait and setup a payment plan.
  7. The judge just issued an Order to show cause and respond to defendants motion to dismiss. Can I be sanctioned if I don't respond? What are some consequences of not responding and letting it dismiss? @Clydesmom @BV80
  8. The only entity in Florida close to Barclays Bank Delaware is Barclays Bank PLC. I did not see a registered agent for Barclays Bank Delaware on the FL Dept of State website.
  9. Thanks for your insight and experience. I signed up with a credit repair company that will probably dispute the LVNV account within the month. If I get credits cards now and have them report for 4 months could I dispute again after the 4 months and it “disappear temporarily again? Also, regarding credit accounts. I’ve heard to increase your score to good/great status long term you need 11 plus accounts with low utilization. Would it be wise to open say 5-6 credit cards now, take the inquiry hit, and have them report for the 4 months then apply for the FHA? Would the inquiries be fatal to my pre-approval?
  10. Ok. Today is the last day to answer their MTD. I just emailed the attorney for the defendants and offered a settlement of the small claims case and voluntary dismissal with prejudice. Might should not have offered that and just let it dismiss, as they might use that against me.
  11. Would it be better to let it dismiss or voluntarily dismiss? And then how would they show the court the suit was frivolous?
  12. I plan on paying the judgment off in full in 2 weeks. As far as the Fed suit goes, I might just not even respond and let it dismiss.
  13. I believe the case will get dismissed. The only hope I had was failure of Barclays to answer, which even if pushed might have the default vacated. At this point I’m looking for a way to settle both state & federal cases. I have a judgment in the state case I would be willing to pay in full or large percentage at once. How would you all go about talking to the attorney about satisfying both cases? Or just let it dismiss and pay the small claims without contacting the defendants attorney?
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