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  1. Yes, thank you so much for the link. I have printed the rules and will start reading. Some of the cases cited were blank so I have some research to do. I have prepared a draft and will see what happens. I have also amended my answer to reflect the jurisdiction is not proper in JP Court. Do you happen to know of book that has guidelines to follow for these type of cases.? I know w the rules of civil procedure there is guidelines for you to review. I also search last night for other sample motions but did not find any. I appreciate everyone’s help
  2. The account was opened on 09/16/2006 charged off on 10/29/2015 last payment on 03/09/2015 could that contract be used. I am thinking so since account was still active, correct? Does anyone have motion that I may reference ?
  3. I do not see the link. Do I file the arbitararion motion and requesr the court to allow discovery
  4. Attached is the petition that I have been served with. An answer has been filed and the case is already set for May 8th. I made contact w/the court and will be asking for permission to conduct discovery. Has anyone here gone to trial and have actually won? If so, what steps did you take up to the time of trial? I am just debating if it maybe worth trying to come to some type of agreement. I am just not sure what grounds I may have to actually win. Appears, they did everything that they were suppose to do. I am attaching a copy of the petition to see if anyone may provide me w/some in
  5. I do not have it so do I request from Barclays
  6. The debit is approximately 2k and belonged to Barclays
  7. It is Texas JP court and counsel for midland is firm out of Houston w p o box address kristy gabrrelova brian stanley michael young Tim elder Dollar amount is approx 2k for barclays
  8. Have you gone to trial? If so, what were your results. I’m in the same situation as in your case
  9. I am being sued by Midland. I filed an answer in April and case is set for May. Any suggestions or guidelines where I can look? This is a purchased debit that was bought for a lot less than what is being asked for. Is there anyway to argue that I should only pay the amount the debit was purchased for? The document attached to petition is redacted. I thought if judge grants permission to conduct discovery, I could subpoena the records, but the documents provided may be redacted. I will be calling the court to ask what requirements are for discovery? Does anyone have any forms? Has anyo