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  1. You're so knowledgeable. It's helpful having a sounding board. My car is definitely not high value and won't be paid off until next year. It was Cobb county. The judge was definitely more compassionate than I was expecting, even in the other cases I was overhearing . I used to work in a different court and I know the attitude of the judge can make a huge difference in pro se cases. My only concern was when he was like " I'm not sure you'll get better outcome in arbitration" but then he went on to get into the disability questions basically stating to the attorney that I couldn't be garnished right now. I actually approached both at different times. My first knowledge of Midland was when they tried to sue me at my cousin's house in Cherokee county 5 months after I moved to Cobb. They apparently had sent a letter to me at my address prior to Cherokee residence when I wasn't living there either. I was living in Cobb for a year before they filed here. During that time, I reached out to Midland to ask them about what they had on their website regarding disability. They stated the attorney would have to contact me . After I was served in Cobb, I contacted Goodman and they requested a note from my doctor which I embarrassingly acquired. In the end, it didn't make a difference to them and they proceeded to court. In court , the judge asked the attorney if they had record of the letter and he said they did. It was about the only thing he didn't try to deny knowledge or responsibility of. That's when the judge asked him if he was sure he wasn't willing to drop it. Attorney responded with " I have my marching orders." So the judge instructed the clerk to do a stay for arbitration.
  2. That makes sense. It wasn't actually Goodman in court, but another attorney under him. There was a lady he was speaking with as well. They went out into the hall to talk after I mentioned the MTC and it looks like he tried to find a different contract. I'm guessing he called the office during that time. The order is entered. I just checked. So I apply for JAMS and hope for the best at this point, correct ? Thanks again for all the responses. It's been an emotional day. Things are kind of falling apart as they have been for a while. When the judge asked me about the disability stuff, he even made the comment that "while this is bad, it's really the least of your worries right now isn't it?" He made a comment about how he couldn't even garnish worker's comp but it didn't seem to phase him . I guess he hopes he can do something against my car or if I ever can work again .
  3. Emmett Goodman. They all just kept acting like I was stupid for not taking the payment plan consent judgement. Maybe I am but I didn't see why I should make it easier on them. The attorney was snotty enough to go through with arbitration just to spite me it seems even if it ends up costing them more.
  4. Today I had court in Georgia after being sued by Midland for $948. They attempted to sue me in April 2018 in the wrong county and then served me in the right one January 2019. In the time between, I attempted to contact Midland and sent their attorney a letter from doctor stating I'm disabled and it's unlikely to change with no collectable income. They were unsympathetic, despite what is written on their own website. Following the advice I read here, I comprised a demand letter and motion to compel arbitration. I handed it to the attorney in the hallway this morning. He claimed not to have a copy of the contract so I handed him one too. He basically talked to me like I was an idiot and said I wasn't going to get a better outcome that a payment plan with a judgement on my record. He stomped back into court. While we waited , there was a case involving a motor vehicle accident similar to my own. This man (victim) was being ripped to shreds and it was difficult to watch knowing what it's like to be so overwhelmed by the pain and loss of sudden disability when all you want is your normal life back. Anyway, I also was getting over the flu so I started to feel teary. The judge calls us up and I state I'd like to assert arbitration. He sends us to mediation. The opposing attorney whips out a letter they first sent me to the wrong address. They then try to get me to agree to a judgement again so we go back to the court. The judge was kind and did ask specifics about how I was served in the wrong county initially, currently have no collectable income due to disability, and as of mid March, I have no permanent address. He stared at the attorney and asked him it he has a copy of this letter from my doctor and he said he did but was unwilling to budge. Attorney tried to say I didn't answer the complaint (wrong) then tried to say Midland isn't subject to the arbitration clause. The judge said I might be making a mistake and may not like the outcome, but it's my right to ask for it. I said if it's all the same, I'd like arbitration . Midland mumbled under his breath that it's not all the same. Just granted a stay and had the clerk do a motion to compel on their own form. I feel like I completely screwed up but I can't make it that much worse. I'm scared to even leave this up long because the attorney seemed really pissed.
  5. Thank you so much for the advice. I replied a little bit more in detail above but I will definitely try that.
  6. Thank you so much for your response . I just got back into town from visiting my grandmother and checked the mail. I had 3 letters from Bankruptcy attorneys referencing the case number filed against me. I attempted to look it up online but there is no information yet. That's really good to hear about Midland. I will definitely call the clerk's office Monday morning. After reading some of the horror stories on here I was just a little afraid and apprehensive about what to do. I'm really ready to do whatever I can to put all of this behind me as I never thought that this would be my life before I turn 30. I kept thinking I'd get better but it's been a lot slower than I I had anticipated
  7. Hello everyone ! I'm going to paraphrase the long story that brought me here. Basically , I was in a car accident a few years ago. Failed spine surgeries and lost just about everything while waiting on workers comp . I'm still unable to work full time and I receive the weekly checks of what was a low paying government job. This was my first job out of college . I had a few credit card debts that I worked hard to pay off but in the worst of it , they got charged off. I kept hoping I could return to work and settle it with the bottom feeders. I've had to move twice in the last year. My cousin notified me to today that I received a yellow post in Cherokee county stating to contact the Magistrate court regarding service or a SD car will be sent to the address. I haven't lived in that house in 6 months and everything I have is registered in Cobb. I've been out of town for month because my grandmother is ill so I have no idea what may be at the house I actually live out. I plan on calling Cherokee county in the morning to notify them that I do not live in county. Is this a bad idea? I know I have to deal with this . I'm embarrassed. I thought I'd be healthier . I don't know what to do as I barely have enough to get by on. I've read over some of the other forums but didn't see anything on what to do if an attempt is made in a county you no longer reside. Thanks in advance !
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