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  1. This is my first time being sued for a credit card. It’s Midland Funding but Cooling Winter is representing them in this case. I was served papers , I due owe Jcpennys. I contacted Cooling Winter the attorney. I contacted this law group April 17, spoke to a person that is handling my account . We both agreed for a settlement pay off and I request to have this payoff sent to me by mail. I haven’t received a letter in the mail for the payoff. I contacted The attorney office again spoke to the person that handling my account she claims that she tried to call me because I’m refinancing my house and she received a note ? I’m like lady I don’t know what your talking about. All I know is that you were suppose to send me the settlement letter for JCPennys and I have no clue about no refinancing my home . Today I did file an answer to the court and noted that I have contacted the attorney representing Midland Finding for a settlement of 1.073.00. However nothing was sent to my attention for the pay off a$$ of today. My response was submitted and the clerk said that I will receive a court day by mail. So do I need to proceed to call Cooling Winter back and aske for the settlement letter because the promise to pay is April 30th. Without the settlement letter I don’t want to send a payment and may wmd up paying more than agreed. Also the person at the attorney office file was not accurate they had my old address but when I was served papers by some random looking guy they have my correct address. Please let me know what I should expect next.