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  1. Im losing money calling off from work and did not want to challenge the gods further:
  2. I wanted to thank all of you for guiding me thru these past 6 months:
  3. Forgive my ignorance.. can i simply state this in writing; Upon acceptance of my money order $500 to settle in full; 1. Case is dismissed with prejudice. 2. Debt cannot be resold. 3. Settlement is not an admission of ownership of debt, thus exempt from 1099-C
  4. Gents. Here we have it. 48hrs prior to the 3rd pre-trial I have received a letter in writing/proposal to expire in 30 days from Cavalry for a "settled in full amount" of $500. The alleged debt is near $13k. Thoughts? End it?
  5. There must be a way to flip the script and use the “computer” to my advantage and end this charade next pretrial (#3) overall. Next date is August 24th.
  6. Cavalry requested a continuance, date to be set for end of August, judge granted. Wonder what is going on.
  7. Is a motion for leave to file necessary for the directed verdict angle?
  8. @Brotherskeeper must I then file a motion to leave to file? If indeed a summary judgement request is the way to go?
  9. do i need to file a motion to leave to file as is done with summary judgements?
  10. Ok gents, my 3rd pre-trial is set for August 10th. I wanted to however take @Harry Seaward advice, and ask the court for Directed Verdict at the pre-trial to end this matter. Please critique my draft and forgive my amateur legal thought process. MEMORANDUM OF LAW This motion is made pursuant to Rule 50 for the Ohio rules of Civil Procedure. The purpose of Directed Verdict, as provided for by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, is to expedite disposition cases and avoid unnecessary trial where no genuine issues of material fact are raised. Therefore, Directed Verdict
  11. Agreed, and I appreciate the advice from all.
  12. In that case my sincere apologies to @Goody_Ouchless I thought he was litigating in a similar fashion like the rest of us simpletons on this forum. I would still appreciate sound advise rather than over the top assumptions. I don't have the luxury of using an attorney however. And have been asking for advice on my case, instead Ive been met by overtures rooting for the Plaintiff? Whats up with that? How is that helping people on this forum. Cases as in plural? I mean..
  13. There is no identity theft in my case. Why do you keep pushing that angle? I expect the case to be dismissed w prejudice shortly. And await your multiple apologies for having no idea what you are talking about. In legal terms of course.. Take @Goody_Ouchless advice with caution. He's failed miserably in his feeble litigation attempts in Arizona, and has an axe to grind with those of us asking sincere questions. Its clear his legal advice is based on pomposity, smugness and group think.
  14. You sound like one of those pundits on the night of November 8, 2016... Soo sure of themselves, “sounds like, looks like” yet miserably failed in understanding the reality on the ground. Some good faith humor for this thread