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  1. I am being sued by Midland Funding at the Justice Court precinct 6. I have not been served yet. They just filed yesterday for alternative service. I reached out to a local attorney who said they can work on my behalf for $850 and Midland will probably settle for about 25%.
  2. I read the credit card agreement it says that arbitration is not a covered claim if filed by "you or us in small claims court or your states equivalent. Has anyone heard of a 609 letter?
  3. Credit One, @2189.71 I think the last payment was January 2017. It was sold to two agency's before midland purchased the electronic files.
  4. I am currently waiting to be served by Midland Funding. I consulted with an attorney who said Midland will probably settle for about 25% is this something I should try to handle myself. I will be out of a total of $1500 with lawyer fees and settling. Has anyone gotten their case dismissed in TX and if so what did you do. Thanks