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  1. I looked on line for the court case online and found it ... I called the court and they verified the address of the person being sued ... I never lived at that address so they said it wasn’t me ... I called the lawyer that sent my the notice they said Barclays Bank doesn’t buy other debt and if I never lived at that address and didn’t have a card directly from them it wasn’t me... and they just troll the court cases and send out letters to every person in Arizona with the same name ... I told them that was super crappy and scared me for no reason ... thank you all for the help !!!
  2. I got a letter in the mail from a credit lawyer saying someone has filed a law suit in my name gives a court case and suing by Barclays Banks case was filed on 04/18/2018 ... I’ve never heard of this bank what should I do ? I have not been served