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  1. I just found paperwork from First Source Advantage, a debt recovery agent, last year ago for the exact amount that Cooling and Winter/Capital One has filed a claim against me just one month ago. I am sure they are one and the same. How can Cooling and Winter be representing Capital One if another company had this debt prior to the claim?
  2. Should i hire an attorney to represent me? Or call them and try to negotiate the amount owed? I've also read terrible reviews of their company and am concerned that they will not hold their end if we reach a settlement. thanks!
  3. I owe $2565. I have an attorney looking over the paperwork. Another attorney quoted me $500. I will see what the first attorney has to say regarding violation of laws. From what I've seen online Cooling and Winter had over 75 complaints since 3/16. They used to do business under Hanna and Associates under they were fined 3.1 million and then closed to open up as Cooling and Winter and they were sued by the FDCPA 11 times. Reading online can be a bit confusing. Which is why I'm here... cg
  4. I could set up a payment plan. I don't have much to work with. About $50 a month. From what i get you are suggesting is that i try to reach a settlement with them? Would getting a lawyer be a waste of my money? I could get a friend to loan me money for lawyer if it's under $400. Or just settle myself before the hearing?
  5. I received a claim summon from capital one/cooling and winter. I filed a denial of all charges and then asked for validation, receipts, cooling and winters contract to collect, original contract. A few other items. My hearing is next week. Has anyone had any experience with this firm? I am in Cobb County, GA. I am not sure if i should use a lawyer. The two I spoke with said i don't have a case. And in the end i will have to pay. Any help with this?