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  1. how exactly do writ of execution work ? here is my situation i dont wanna file bankruptcy because ill lose a 12k disability tax credit im applying for consumer proposal/ consolidated debt/ debt management program is not an option since i have zero income im litteraly thinking of just waiting the debt out till the statue of limitations is hit ... its like 60k in debt and there is zero way ill be able to pay it i dont have a wage so they cant garnish anything... i dont have a car or house HOWEVER my mom has an apartment (where im living ) that she is mortgaging
  2. ill would like to edit something out of the original post... i dont qualify for consumer proposal however i may qualify for debt resettlement . this however activates the statue of limitations and im not sure my best option unless i manage to settle for like 10% of the debt ... ty
  3. can you please explain what is judgement of proof
  4. in other words should i wait this debt out... also can a creditor go after a bank account OTHER than the one you had originally acquired debt with... for instance i had a card with bank A... i decide to stop using bank A and use bank B as my main bank account ... this account has never had an issue . a creditor decides to garnish the bank account can he garnish A ONLY or A and B
  5. ok so ill try to be as honest as i possible can... i dont wanna apply for bankruptcy cuz ill lose a disability tax credit which i may get ... i am applying for it i dunno if ill get it but if i do get it its a lump sum of around 12k which i absolutly dont wanna lose i dont qualify for a consumer proposal/debt settlement due to my non existant income i was litteraly thinking of waiting the debt out till the period of limitation expires and then 7 years for it to disappear from my tax report OR once i get my disability tax credit file for bankruptcy .. as of right now i