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  1. Thank you so much @fisthardcheese!! I wouldn't have gotten this far without you and @NormInGeorgia!! I receive a form from the magistrate court ,informing me of Barclays request for trial on a non-jury trial calendar day. The dates that were filled out says it was submitted January 3, 2018 not 2019. Should I request a different form or not mention it . Also the teleconference with the arbitrator is set for the 24th ,is this when I request for an in person hearing? Also since I've gotten this far in arbitration (still no counter offer)can I request for this case to be thrown out of magistrate court?
  2. @fisthardcheese I just recently heard from AAA and the lawyers requesting for my availability for a teleconference for January. Can I object the teleconference for an actual hearing or is it too late since the arbitrator has been chosen ? I also haven't heard anything from the magistrate court since my last court date. Should I call to.follow up with them?
  3. @NormInGeorgia I went to court last Monday morning ,only to be told that Barclays lawyer had filed for a continuance a few days before. It stated that we were currently going through the arbitration process and needed more time. Well can I file for the judge to throw out the case in magistrate court since arbitration has already started? I'm still waiting on Barclays bank to pay their portion of the arbitration fee. I honestly don't mind the pace this process is taking, I just want to be mindful of my options.
  4. Thank you @NormInGeorgia! Sorry I keep asking the same questions I just want to make sure I have everything covered 😊 I just received an email from Barclay asking AAA to update the invoice. I have yet to receive anything stating that the bill is paid and no arbitrator has been assigned . Should I send an email to AAA to see if the bill is paid ?I received the email from Barclay September 22.
  5. @NormInGeorgia @fisthardcheese I recently got a response back from Barclays lawyer informing AAA to add the remaining balance to Barclays invoice. The trial is suppose to start Monday, Ocrober 8 ,can I file something to state we are going through arbitration since the fee has been paid ?
  6. @NormInGeorgia @fisthardcheese Thank you guys on the advice about sending an objection and only paying the small claims court fee portion of the AAA fee. I am currently awaiting for Barclays attorney to answer my objection .
  7. @fisthardcheese I follow the link on @NormInGeorgia post and went on Barclaycard to look at the clause for arbitration !
  8. Hello @NormInGeorgia!! Sorry for the late response, my notification was stuck in the spam box! I went to court August 6 to inform the lawyer and judge the proof for an open case with arbitration. I was the first to be called and the lawyer informed the judge that I had given him proof of arbitration and was taken off the calendar . A week ago I received a letter informing me that trial is set for the first week in October (magistrate court ). I was thinking with being taken off the calendar that meant the case was taken out of the magistrate court and to arbitration. This week I received an invoice from AAA informing me there is a $200 balance that needs to be paid . The contract states that Barclaycard will pay the fee if we ever had to settle in arbitration. Of course I don't mind paying it, if that means starting the process! @fisthardcheeseany advice?
  9. Sorry I think part of my post was deleted! Currently I am going to my second hearing to show proof that I've received arbitration with AAA. Should I be emailing the arbitrator to see if the fee has been paid by Barclays?
  10. Hello! I am facing a situation similar to yours @NormInGeorgia!! I have been following this post to help guide me throughout this process . I went to court and filed an answer (I selected arbitration) through magistrate . Two weeks later i filed with the AAA and was approved. The day of the deadline(answer from OC) I get a notification stating that Barclay changed lawyers and denying all accusations. They were also demanding that. I have court tomorrow afternoon (continuation to prove that I started arbitration ). Should I respond back objecting to his response?
  11. bc_123


    I am currently being sued by Barclays Bank of Delware credit card company. When I was served two weeks ago , I called the law firm that is handling the case ( Hayt,Hayt , and Landau). I talked to a representative from the debt firm to negotiate the settlement they are asking for. Unforuntately they did not accept the offer that i could afford to pay. I am a single mom , unemployed , student with no assets , or money in the bank for them to take(not much ). I obviously can not afford a lawyer and cant afford what they are asking . I owe $2600 and offered $1000 to end this process. Did I mess up by contacting them , any advice would be great. Also in the papers i received it included my last bill from barclays card!