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  1. Would me mailing them the letter be considered serving them? Or does it require more than that?
  2. This was filed in conciliatory court. I don't have the letter on me right at the moment, but if I remember correctly there was a court case number. I'd have to double check once I get home to be certain. Do I have to just send a response to their lawyer, or do I also have to send something into the court? Should I be sending it via certified mail, or how can I prove they got my response once I send it in?
  3. I received a court summons in the mail today. It was for a credit card I had a few years ago through Synchrony Bank that ended up being charged off in November, 2016. Midland Funding LLC apparently bought the debt, and is now going to sue me for the $1,400 balance, plus court fees. The total amount they're asking for is $1520. Honestly, I had forgotten about this debt after it got charged off. I would love to be able to just pay it off, but I just don't have the money right now, and wouldn't be able to come up with it before the court date. I don't even bring home $1,500 a month, because