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  1. i do not believe gurstel has the judgement against me, this is a letter that i just received with them only asking me to pay a balance. i believe my debt was sold to cach and when they werent successful in collecting i am now dealing with gurstel......
  2. hello, this is my first time posting here--sorry if i'm in the wrong section. i have absolutely zero knowledge about any legal processes and any advice is much appreciated. quick backstory - this debt was from an old student loan issued by sallie mae 11/07 which i defaulted on and it was written as a charge off. the last payment made was 05/12 and was reported on my credit 02/13. i can't remember the exact date, but i was served/sued by Neuheisel law firm either 2014/2015 and never went to court and had a judgement placed against me. last year 2016 i had a levy placed on my bank