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  1. Good afternoon I disputed a MCM/Credit Ine on my Equifax CR several weeks ago. I received a letter today at my correct address with a copy of Credit One statement that was sent to a wrong address. The letter states they had received the disputed item from Equifax and ask what are you disputing? Our records... In reading another forum it states the shady tatitics MCM will go thru to collect a debt. The original Credit limit is/was Less than half of what they are saying I owe. That being the case I do believe that I would have paid such a small amount. The forum states to file a claim in Small Claims Court for violating FDCPA and FCRA. It also says they will NOT accept a "pay to delete" The Pay To Delete with an offer of 25% is something like $60 more than the court cost. It's such a small amount and is 4 years old. I just need it gone but DO NOT want a Small Claims suit backfire. A sample form from my county ask the amount I am suing for. What figures should i use if I decide to go this route. I just want it deleted. Not settled Deleted. Thanks for any advice or experience in dealing with them. M