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  1. Hi.... I've had my New Credit Card for two weeks. Last night/this morning at 12:00 am, on 6/22/2018, the Credit Card issuer reported to all three Credit Bureaus. It's 5:00 pm Eastern Time and I don't see it as of yet on any of my Credit Reports. Does anyone know when I should expect to see it on the Credit Reports?
  2. Hi Harry.... It is arrears owed to the State of Michigan for back child support. My children are all in their late 20's, but owe the State of Michigan because when my children were young their mother had received State Support Benefits. I had fallen way behind and accumulated a lot of arrears. In the ball park of $29,000.00. I've been paying on this account since 2009, haven't missed a payment since. I reduced the amount of arrears by a large number. And last month, I paid off 2/3 of the remaining debt to $6,000.00. Now all the sudden, this account that has been in Accounts for years is now flagged as collections. I don't understand. The account is closed, but it still has a balance that I'm still paying on. And it's not a Charge Off, nor has it been sold to a collection agency. I notice that it is still only in Accounts and not in Collections. But I got the alert on Saturday, so it might change on Monday.
  3. Can someone please tell me what it means when your account has been flagged as collections? I am asking, because said account has been in Accounts on my credit report for years, and I've been making monthly payments on it for years. And now I get an alert saying that said account has been flagged as collection. Is it moving from Accounts to Collections, or will said be in both Accounts and Collections? Help!
  4. I had noticed an account on my credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, from Webbank/Fingerhut. An account I had not authorized, nor had any knowledge of. The account had been closed as a Charge Off with zero balance. Then I noticed a collections from LVMV Funding LLC, with Webbank/Fingerhut as the original creditor. Rather than speak to LVMV Funding LLC, I called Webbank/Fingerhut to dispute the account. Upon calling I was transferred to a fraud agent to discuss this matter. I told the agent that I had never applied for a Webbank/Fingerhut account or it's services, and that the account was opened fraudulently. That is when the agent went from being civil and cordial to being cantankerous and condescending, falling short of calling me a lair. The agent went on to tell me that there were four payments made on the account, that people who open accounts fraudulently by means of Identity Theft don't pay on the account. So the agent dismissed my request for this matter to be investigated. And told me from now on to contact LVNV Funding LLC because it owns the account. I don't know how to handle this. I did file a police report on this matter, and also an Identity Theft Report with the FTC. I also contacted Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, and asked them to open a dispute for me. This since Webbank/Fingerhut refuses to do so. And I added a fraud alert with all three credit bureaus. Other than that I don't know what else to do. Any advice?