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  1. Thank you all for your replies, all this information is very much appreciated.
  2. One more thing I just noticed and don't know what it means. OMG, this is very stressful... 06/14/2018 Small Claims Pre-Trial Conference Hearing 00/00/2018 Receipt: Event RECEIPT# 0000000 (a bunch of numbers) AMT PAID:$00.00 (specific amount) COMMENT: ALLOCATION CODE QUANTITY UNIT AMOUNT ****-SUMMONS ISSUE FEE 1 $****** TENDER TYPE:CHECK TENDER AMT*****TENDER TYPE:CHECK TENDER AMT**** TENDER TYPE:CHECK 00/00/00 SP Pre Trial Summons Issued
  3. Hi, I received an Advertisement letter from attorney offering service for lawsuit, after researching online I found out Midland Fund entered what it seems a E-filed on 5/4/2018. After reading some post in this forum, I I felt much better and with some hope. I appreciate any advice that can be given. This is the information I found through the Miami-Dade court's online services: 06/14/2018 Small Claims Pre-Trial Conference Hearing Thank you for your assistance!!! 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Midland Fu