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  1. They were all under $2,500 each. They never stated the reason they withdrew. We just got a letter saying they withdrew the suit from the magistrate. As for the win, my consumer attorney just called and said we won. I wasn’t given any details. I was just excited we won!
  2. I had 3 lawsuits with midland funding and hired an attorney. A few days before court, they withdrew the lawsuit. What is the likelihood they’ll refile? How soon should I expect them to file again?
  3. Midland funding withdrew 3 of 4 suits and we won the 4th one they showed up in court for.
  4. Okay, I will be back in a couple months to update!
  5. Thank you both for your help. I’ve decided to go ahead and hire a consumer attorney to represent all of my cases.
  6. How soon do they drop arbitration cases? I don’t want to hire an attorney last minute because arbitration took too long....
  7. Unfortunately yes Okay Could you please help me do arbitration? I’m really confused on it. How soon do you get results from it? The cases are in 2 months all on the same day.
  8. Of course I already hired him for the synchrony account lol but I’ll see if he can do the other 2 also. Thanks so much for the information.
  9. The attorney I hired has beat midland several times and said they’ll most likely dismiss it once they see I have an attorney. My original creditors are synchrony bank, credit one bank, & Citibank. I’m very confused on the whole arbitration concept. How do I go about it?
  10. I’m being sued for 3 different credit card debts by midland funding llc. I hired a consumer attorney for one case so far. I was told midland will most likely dismiss the case. Do they always show up to court? Would it be worth hiring the attorney for the other 2 cases? Or should I do MTC arbitration for the other 2? just trying to find out the best solution....
  11. I’ve heard of you settle credit card debt you end up with a 1099 later at taxes. If I win in court, will I also get one of these?? Also, if I win, will it be cleared off my credit report?
  12. I’m totally confused on arbitration and how to go about doing it. Can you please tell me what to do?
  13. I’m being sued by midland funding for old credit card debt $1,600. I’ve been looking up how to win my upcoming court date next month. I’ve called the magistrate and said I plan on defending myself. Any help to win my case?