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  1. thank you the papers stat that total secured was 48,267.58 and principal paid was 32345.20 . was also wondering about being insolvent he doesnt have much asset to speak of
  2. it was included in the bankruptcy forgive me for I have never dealt with a bankruptcy or 1099. somehow when he came out of bankruptcy he was still paying on trailer yet still being harassed being young and hot headed he told them to come get it because of lack of understanding after 10 yrs of payments he owed more on it than he originally gave for it . it also was during the time of predator loans
  3. heres the details current fiance received letter last week about 1099. when going through divorce wife continued to stay in trailer on not paying payment and not telling him he found out when contacted at 6 mths behind after all said part of the loan was in bankruptcy for 5 yrs ending 2009. then later the trailer was reposed due to harassment from lender. last week was first learning about ditech a(same wife verbal counsels child support unknowingly only judge can do that) so his overall debit is so much greater than asset. n ow irs say 1 month to pay total from irs changes amended was 29, 303 leaving $6,830 in owed taxes. when contacted about repossession first time he filed bankruptcy to keep trailer but continued to be harnessed about payments
  4. was a mobile home/demand letter 12-16-2003/letter stating leave debitor alone 1-20-2004
  5. received an 1099-c on a debt that was involved in a bankruptcy case and later repossessed.All of this taking place from 2009 to 2011. I am just receiving the statement from IRS saying that I owe owe 6000 $ in taxes and only allowing one moth to pay in full. I desperately need advice.
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