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  1. Cavalry motioned to dismiss my case without prejudice today! Very long story short - In the end, they ignored my discovery requests and after the due date passed I filed a Motion to Deem Facts Admitted on 9/26/18. Then, I mailed a meet and confer letter on Monday stating that 1) the Admissions are admitted per the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure, and 2) I would file a Motion to Compel Discovery if I didn't receive the Rogs and RFPs by 10/18/18. They must have received the letter today and filed the dismissal! I am so grateful to have found this forum! Thank you, thank you to everyone who has contributed their knowledge throughout the years!
  2. Hi, WonettaP! Try using Google Scholar. It allows you to search just for case law in your state. Click the Case Law button under the search bar and select Texas courts. Google Scholar was a huge help to me when I had to write a response to a Motion for Summary Judgement.
  3. You're welcome, BV80! That's very sweet of you to say. Even though, I've never posted before today, I don't know where I'd be without this forum and all of the wonderful members who lend their knowledge and expertise. I wanted to start participating whenever I can so that I can help give back.
  4. I'm sorry, Kazzanova. Hopefully, some NYC members can chime in with more information.
  5. At least in my county, I've noticed that lawyers for creditors and debt buyers will hire local attorneys to represent them for limited appearances all the time - even on the day they are supposed to show in court. In the cases I've looked through, the Defendants don't receive notice. Is this what you were asking? ETA - This information is only for Indiana. I'm not sure if it applies to NYC. I'm sorry.