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  1. Hi guys just wondering how you guys find all the cases you've been citing? I need some good NJ case decisions and/or opinions to argue a case. Please help
  2. Nope, PRA started reporting in March 2018 at 1814.25. Oddly, LVNV started reporting at the exact same time at $467. And the account number and OC are the same (at least as much as they show on the credit report...)
  3. Hi, new here but desperately need some info. Got a demand for money ($1814.25) from Portfolio Recovery. Went to verify on credit report, found the same account with the same "status updated" date with LVNV. But here's where they differ. LVNV is (same account #) for $467. So, should I infer from this that Portfolio Recovery got this from LVNV(?) and decided to up the amount by 4x? Now I don't know whether to dispute the debt on the credit report, send them a debt validation letter (which I've read bad things about) or just wait to see if they take it to court (where I can dispute the amount)?