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  1. That would be nice wouldn’t it? No. credit card companies are disgusting. They steal from merchants constantly. We have no rights to defend against chargebacks at all. Even if we send everything it comes down to some goon in India deciding against you. Don’t ever believe anyone that says a credit card company is liable for any fraudulent charges. They aren’t ever. The merchant is always liable. The credit card companies authorize purchases freely without vetting anything. Even if you can show verified drivers licenses, IP addresses etc they still pin it on the merchant because they have got to keep up their criminal enterprise for shareholders. There are services that try and insure merchants but they charge as much as 3% on top of credit card processing fees of 3-5% While Amex has a cost of $779M on revenue of $35B in 2017. They basically pay nothing for revenue and everything they receive is profit. They did this through purchasing political capital over the years. For a very small merchant getting 7-10% margins is normal before expenses. So after processing fees 5% is normal. And super small businesses have amazingly high bureaucratic costs because every possible organization in government wants to waste your time filling out surveys and filing taxes in terribly programmed proprietary systems that never seem to work ever while charging massive penalties for any lateness.
  2. Fortunately this is a personal debt. My debt for a business was low enough that I don’t think they will ever sue for it. If they do, the business will settle it. My current strategy is filing a petition for writ for quo warranto as American Express centurion bank no longer exists. They filed a lawsuit under a fraudulent corporate existence. They filed for dissolution in May of 2018. Before I was served even. In Idaho the model act has been upheld in the past. The requirement to pay fees to the state to be considered a corporation is law in Idaho. They are dead as far as common law is concerned. I am hoping the district court will find them incapable of holding corporation status by estoppel. Since case law seems to favor actual corporations versus fraudulent ones in some states including Idaho. I am going to make the pond scum at sutter do some actual law work. Something they don’t actually do on a regular basis. Amex failed to pay $20 to the state of Utah to uphold their bank status as a corporation. No reason not to keep appealing the writ as far as I can go.
  3. I I filed a complaint with the CFPB about the process server zwicker and associates hired. I simply wanted them to provide the name of the process server so I could file a police report. They refused. They also didn’t file the affidavit of service until after the answer was required. The guy kicked my storm door and wailed on it so long that a neighbor came to see what his problem was. He also tried to open my door and leered into the cracks of the blinds. The dude was scary and clearly crazy. Probably a wannabe dog the bounty hunter. Paul zwicker himself signed the document sent to the CFPB where he perjured himself to the bureau about the entire incident. Since the CFPB is a public database and he included my name on the document I am attempting to hold Amex liable for their attorneys assigned helps malfeasance. Zwicker checked my credit report on January 15th, and sent a Dunning letter on the 16th. I received in on January 23rd and replied with priority mail with tracking on January 24th received by zwicker on January 27th. They filed suit on February 23rd. They finally sent a package of Amex statements in May. But filed the suit untimely because of the debt validation request.
  4. That’s my intention ultimately. I also am going to make Amex pay a lot to get their judgement. They allowed a customer of theirs to chargeback $4400 of product and keep it. That fiasco cost me $7500 between the chargeback and product cost. Small businesses can’t absorb fraud the way a big business can. But fraud is super rampant and these credit card companies want to let their customers steal from merchants but expect those same merchants to be able to pay them still.
  5. 1. Fraudulent credit furnishing by American Express. I had 5 accounts with American Express and all accounts had fraudulent payment history placed on them after I defaulted on a business Amex card for $900. They dropped my credit score by 300 points on their merits alone. 2. Defamation of character by Paul Zwicker in a CFPB filing against a complaint I made. 3. Filing suit during the period of debt validation without providing debt validation. 4. The process server caused damage to my house and trespassed even after being asked to leave. Zwicker wouldn’t provide the name of the process server so I could file a police report against the process server. So I am holding Amex liable for vicarious liability. 5. Voicemails left by zwicker without a mini Miranda.
  6. Hello, I’ve been a long time lurker, but this my first time posting. I was sued by American Express Centurion Bank represented by Zwicker on February 23rd, but served to me on May 15th. The suit is for $12k. I filed a general denial answer and counterclaim against Amex. It has now been 21 days since I filed the answer and counterclaim. On June 19th Zwicker transferred the case to Suttell and Hammer who sent me a new dunning letter along with the change of counsel motion. I was planning on filing a motion for summary judgement on my counterclaim on Monday and a request for dismissal of plaintiffs case without prejudice. I have several questions: 1. Is the change of counsel a delay tactic? Why would they change law firms so close to when their answer to counterclaim was due? 2. Suttell and hammer currently represents Discover card in a case against me. I sent a request for debt validation to them. Haven’t heard back yet. Since I have virtually no assets wouldn’t this be a severe conflict of interest for both clients of Suttell? They would be fighting over the same small amount of assets. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!
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