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  1. Everybody, wants help.The problem is getting the right help. The affidavits by the debt buyer with attached purported business records, are all easily be defeated. No one here has a clue.
  2. When you are well seasoned in the law, and court procedure, you will intimidate a bias judge. The judge fear your ability

    to get a case reversed when they fail to rule properly. They do not fear litigants who are too stupid to preserve error!

  3. Without knowing the gravamen of the complaint, no one can help you.
  4. As of this 8th, day of May 2019, I have had 3, law suits brought by Portfolio Recovery dismissed, or they non- suited. All theses claims was dismissed within 4, months of filing. I forced Capitol One to take a nonsuit on the day of the jury trial. The original creditor is easy, to beat as well.
  5. Your judge is nothing. Without  skills ,you are dead!

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      That is correct! 

    3. BV80


      Really?  Well, why don’t you inform all the courts of your opinion?  I’m sure they’ll rush to get rid of judges. 

  6. You are out of your league.

    1. outtadebt


      Whatever you guys say.  Hope you are a lawyer.  Most of you have never stood in court in this state and been in front of our judges.  So keep that closed mind.  I  have plenty of PM's for things that worked out here in Illinois.  I am sure you have lots also, not.  Don't respond, not worth my time


    2. BV80


      Outadebt, pay no attention to play maker.  He just shows up every once in a while with useless comments. 

  7. PORTFOLIO RECOVERY, LLC, filed suit against me in Dallas, Tx, Jan.,2019, and I got it dismissed on March 21, 2019.

    without prejudice. The clown, lawyer, refuse to comply with the discovery order of the court. I filed a motion to compel

    discovery and set it for hearing (you must set your motions for hearings!-if you do not-you waive that motion!). The motion hearing was 3-21-19, at 11am. Portfolio Rec,. did not show and sent an e-mail trying to non-suit. I objected and in form the court that Plaintiff is a no show and it should be dismissed for failure to comply with discovery. the court agreed, and dismissed it without prejudice.  Litigation is a skill!

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    2. BV80


      First, I did not try to stifle your freedom of expression but merely asked a question.  Second, the First Amendment provides that Congress (the government) shall not prohibit your right to free speech.  This site is not a government entity. 



      You have a problem with comprehension.Your question was answered.Read your question and read my answer. Congress, has nothing to do with your question, to me. 

    4. BV80


      My comprehension skills are just fine, thank you.  

      Since you’re the one who brought up the First Amendment, it appears that it’s your comprehension skills that need some work. 

      Have a good day. 

  8. Please. We are adults , let us be respectful and tolerant of differing positions. I have done nothing to deserve name calling.I do not agree with a lot of things people are saying on here, however, I will not resort to common stupidity of name calling , because I do not agree with something being said. This is how children act, we are adults and we have a responsibility to set examples; so, please conduct yourself as though you were in front of children and speak with a season voice of disagreement.
  9. Theodore Dean, knows the law of Business Records, better than any lawyer. If a debt buyer is using an incorporated business affidavit of an original creditor or third party in your state(this means any state) if you are ignorant of the law behind this, you will not be able to invoke it to kill it, nor any lower court cases ruling saying it can be used! LITIGATION, IS A SKILL! Most lawyers lack such.
  10. As I sit here at my computer, drinking a beer,I am reminded that many consumers have had no dealings with the courts Pro se, until a debt buyer or an original creditor initiated a suit against them. Many consumers could not afford and attorney, or felt they could do it on their own, made an attempt to litigate against experience litigators (lawyers). This is equivalent to a person without experience, who would attempt to box a pro boxer, that have been training on a regular and whom has been doing it for a living. The result is obvious! ........The consumer being sued for an alleged debt, frantically attempt to learn how to best respond and defend himself or herself against the suit . They do not have time to research their state laws, codes and various laws, and appeals court cases on the issues at hand.So, they respond the best way they can...........uninformed! The judge looks at the defendant's answer and quickly understands that the defendant is clueless. The judge will now handle the clueless defendant by virtue of his or her lack of training.
  11. Litigation is a skill.Without this skill, you will not know how to do serious legal research to defend or execute a claim. A debt buyer's business record affidavit is not a business record that can be authenticated! I have been doing this for 25 years, and anyone thinks that they will understand how to litigate in a few months are out of their league.My purpose for writing this is clear.


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    2. BV80


      How did I contradict myself?  

      Again, please take this to the public threads. 



      BV80, you are not in the right frame of mind.You want to argue which you do not know  and understand.When I say you are not in the right frame of mind,I am saying you are approaching the topic wrong.Let me explain. When I declared that a debt buyers business affidavit (and attachments) is not a business record for purpose of any state that will allow in under the rules of evidence, you became confused at this information. Like many people that hear things  that are not known to them, they get defensive and argumentative by virtue of their ignorance. This is a program or a conditioning that hurts society (consumers).The CORPORATE WORLD does not respect ignorant consumers, and rightly so. When ever a consumer wants to play the game and not understand the rules of the game, they will never win! Courts are a business and are in the business of adjudicating claims against between parties with standing. We all can agree that debt buyers have successfully sued people pass the statute of limitations because of the consumer ignorance.Yet, the judge knew it was pass the limitation but permitted because a ignorant consumer allowed it.

    4. BV80


      I did not become confused.  I understand that a business records affidavit is not a business record due to the fact that is is not made in the regular course of business, etc.

      How did I contradict myself?

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