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  1. I've already agreed to a settlement amount with NCI, OC is Chase. I've called Chase and verified that they are the ones handling it. They are sending me it writing, should arrive soon. On the phone they wanted me to call back when I receive the letter, and do a one time payment through ACH. Is this a bad idea, should I send a check or cashier's check instead?
  2. I have a Chase charge-off from 2016 for $25k. I was contacted by MRS offering $13k settlement last year, they offered again for $11k. Next I was contacted by Client Services for $8k, then $7k. Last month I was contacted by Nationwide Credit, Inc, this time for $5k one time payment. It seems like a good deal, I can come up with close to $4k and have a family member help for the rest if need be. I will contact Chase to confirm Nationwide Credit is the agency that is handling the debt, and not a JDB. I've been doing some reading, want to make sure I have everything correct. Here's my plan of
  3. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed.
  4. If they argue "small claims" how do I format a reply, because they definitely did not file it in small claims court. That's a different court and form they would have had to use. Also still not sure if I need to file through AAA first, or do I wait until after filing a MTC?
  5. I'm pretty positive it is not small claims court, they use a different form. I specifically had to choose District 1 CIVIL when I e-filed at the courthouse, following the instructions of the people working there.
  6. It's district 1 civil. Any advise on the questions I posted?
  7. It's not small claims, which is good because the cardmember agreement says arbitration doesn't apply there. I went in today and filed my appearance, no answer was required because it was under 10k. I've spoken to an attorney that was mentioned on these boards often, they would charge me $1k and claimed they can bring a settlement of $500-1000. I'm in the process of doing more research to see if I will go that route, or try for arbitration first. I obtained the forms to file a MTC, for other people in Cook you need to file a motion notice as well. Questions I still have/still re
  8. Being sued by Cavalry for $4,000. I'm not even sure what I'm suppose to do at this point, I know I buried my head in the sand, and am scrambling to read as much as possible now. I've attached a copy of the complaints, not sure how I'm suppose to answer, and is there a format I need to follow for it? I've read about arbitration, I looked up my agreement from last time of alleged last payment for Citibank. It says arbitration is through AAA. It also says individual claims filed in small claims court are not subject to arbitration. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit?