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  1. I may Not be putting this question for help in the right forum, I do apologies if it is not. I dont understand how to fill out the form I'm sure it is super easy but I dont want to mess it up. I am looking for someone to walk through it and help me line by line. The State of Michigan gave me the 743 form partially filled out and it is a joint form of my husband (filer) only income and me (spouse) no income. I tried to find a form that was filled out online as an example to help me but I found nothing. Thank You.
  2. I would like to say Thank You for helping me in this matter, I understand that you guys are not lawyers but you aware and have knowledge of legal terminology and processes that the average joe would not know and/or could not find. You Guys Are Greatly Appreciated and people like me that are alone trying to put things together with the little knowledge they have of the legal world, are blessed to find Good Samaritans like you guys. Thank You­čśŐ
  3. Do you happen to know where I may find more info or maybe you know some of the requirements? The only thing I can think of is my credit report do you have any other suggestions?
  4. I was served by a person at my home to me. I was going to file my answer on monday or tuesday denying all lines except the line with my address. There is a possibility that the bill may not be mine because my husband has a sister with the same name as mine and we have lived together in the past. How do they know if its the right person? Do they have social security numbers to verify or date of birth? I have no billing statements. What info are they going on?
  5. No I recevied only what copied in my first post, summons and complaint nothing else attached Yes that is correct June 27th
  6. No he has nothing to do with the card. And I think I will remove my name off the joint account to be safe because none of that money is mine I have not worked in 10yrs and nothing gets deposited in my name in that account. I just pay the bills and buy food and clothing when needed and he always knows what I am buying. Thank you
  7. So if I lose and they try to collect, but I am collection proof, except I do have a 2005 trailblazer title in my name and a joint bank account with my husband, can they go after my husband for my debt? and should I take my name off the bank account and put the title of the truck in his name? Thank you
  8. I have not filed my Answer to the Complaint but I am writing "defendant lacks knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of the allegation and therefore denies". I posted their complaint in my first post and you can see what im denying. I think I am good on that part but i am not sure what to do about the Affirmative Defenses? Do you guys have any ideas? Also Am I on the right track and doing ok? Thank you for your opinions.
  9. Also how would I fight this or bring it up. I was looking at public records and these attorneys at Stenger&Stenger are out of Grand Rapids which is an hour and a half away from Ingham County court and only came to this court house once 7yrs ago.
  10. 2012 super close to 6yrs ago, could you tell me more about the arbitration you are referring to.
  11. Harry Seaward I am not to sure that it is ID theft, I apologize for the confusion. I just can't remember the account, there is a chance that it is mine, this account is almost 6yrs old. So I will not do the ID theft route unless I see the original contract and its not my signature. My memory is terrible and I dont want to do ID theft and make a mistake and look like a fool. I will edit my original post. There should be a way to dismiss this cause they never notified me that they were trying to collect a debt, they went straight to court filing and sued me. And when I got the complaint and summons there was no attachments showing proof that they own my debt and have a right to collect, let alone they skipped my opportunity to ask for debt verification. Again I do apologize for wording my post wrong if I had more info from them maybe I would remember more, but no they just give me some hearsay account number.
  12. I have read BMC 100 but I am still not sure how to go about this BMC 100 says......I have also been advocating to many posters to file a motion to dimiss, prior to filing an answer. If you see that the Plaintiff did not plead the assignmen´╗┐t, do not let the case move forward until they can either correct their mistakes by properly pleading the assignment and by attaching the proper documentation to the complaint. 9. In every case, the assignment documents are missing. The Plaintiff will usually provide the bill of sale and a computer printout with your personal information in it. The bill of sale is signed by an employee of the original creditor, but carefully read the bill of sale. It will also state other documents that the Plaintiff does not want you to see. Given recent case law, if the Plaintiff cannot provide the written contract upon which the sale is based that also shows that your account was included in the sale of accounts, the Plaintiff has failed to show they have standing. I found this by looking in the search engine for summons. I dont know if its late at night or maybe I am being a "blonde" but I still dont understand what the next step for me should be, if someone could put it more simpler that would be great. I know these people are in the wrong and I can not afford a lawyer and I should not have to pay for something that is not mine to pay.
  13. So yesterday I received a summons and complaint from CACH, LLC they say I owe a debt from Capital One of $600.00 from September, 2012. In 2 months this account will be 6yrs old.The attorney's that CACH is using have never contacted me for this debt, so I could not even ask for debt verification. I don't know how to answer the complaint, or if I should file a motion. This is crazy all they sent me was this complaint and nothing before this not one letter or phone call. Could some one please give me some suggestions on what to do?
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