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  1. What kind of system are they using ??? I’m so confused
  2. I’ve updated with all cards , I updated with the credit bureau. No one can give me an answer and when ever they do give me some type of answer it NEVER works. I am so frustrated.
  3. Not yet I’m scared of a denial since my last two denials. Credit karma tells me 779 and 782. No I don’t. Live at their address. i haven’t read the discover or boa denial papers yet. But I will and. I will post.
  4. I tried to make a 200$ purchase in lowes using my lowes charge card and they declined me and wanted a verified number to text! Until I give them a verified number to text my account is locked, and that’s for all my accounts!!! This is ridiculous !
  5. Okay so my score is 779, i am a authorized user on two family members who have good credit. I have a 3000$ capital one primary , i tried to apply for discover and boa but was denied ! What do I need to achieve my goal of almost 20k care credit .
  6. Hey, I am so STUCK and confused !!! I have some open charge cards that are giving me huge problems. I recently changed my number , got a new phone, & changed phone companies. Due to personal problems. Now I am running into a problem with “verified” phone number for the companies to send a verification text to when I try to make a payment on my charge card ! How do I make my new number verified so it can receive verification texts from banks for payments! I am totally dumbfounded as the banks and or credit bureaus can’t tell me how to do it. I’m soooo confused and wish I never changed my number. Any help?!