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  1. Hi thanks for your response. My husband is the only one. He was served on June 18th. So does he just file his answer now?
  2. Midland Funding did not comply with Rule 3.110 (b) Service of complaint The complaint must be served on all named defendants and proofs of service on those defendants must be filed with the court within 60 days after the filing of the complaint. When the complaint is amended to add a defendant, the added defendant must be served and proof of service must be filed within 30 days after the filing of the amended compaint They served my husband the complaint on the 77day and filed it on the 79day. What should my next step be? We have not filed anything yet and have only a
  3. Awe thanks This is VLDCA I have already beat these guys in court back in 2011 sadly I forgot my password and can't recovery it. I have messaged the 'contact us' for help to recovery the password to my new email address yet no help on that. I have a lot of info stored there that would answer a lot of my questions. Anyway BV80 helped me before!. One more question now being that the summons and complaint did not comply with Rule 3.110 (b) do I proceed with a Motion to Quash? We have not answered it yet since it all looks like a bunch of mess they threw together including duplica
  4. Hi my husband was served a Summons and Complaint on June 18 by Midland Funding They filed the papers on April 2. Did they comply with the law on serving him in a timely manner (77 calendar days)? For some reason I keep finding online the complaint has to be served within 60 days of filing. Can anyone here help me confirm this. Any help appreciate!