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  1. thanks Harry, sounds like the best choice at this point.
  2. thank you. So, the best thing to do - wait it out?
  3. About 2 months ago, I got 3 calls in a row from a toll free number. I answered the 3rd one, woman said she was from my bank, warning me of someone trying to buy a tv in a nearby town. Caught on after a while. It was a scam. Hung up, called that number, it was my bank's number. About a month later, my ATM didn't work, my phone didn't work. Money was taken from my account, and someone ported my phone number. I changed bank account numbers, got my # back, but it took work. Thought my info is one the "dark web". Experian says it isn't. What is the best way to protect myself from f
  4. I have an old debt from Chase for about $5K. According to, I have 720 and 721 from Transunion and Equifax. On I have 631, which also shows a balance due from a Chase Card that I owed about $5000. It only shows on experian. I was traveling and stopped paying in Dec 2011 and never settled it. It says Payment Status - Charge-off, it also shows, and I don't think I received a collection letter for it. What's my best bet in dealing with this at this point?