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  1. OK so I consulted with an attny who just gave me advice but I have to do the paperwork. I need to file a motion to dismiss with prejudice, requesting hearing based on Statute of limitations. What wording should I put in motion?
  2. . A few questions: 1. Do the records they sent show any address? Is it YOUR address? This is my old address in another state that I lived at at the time the alleged account was opened. 2. Can you get your hands on bank records for the times it showed autopay, to show that the autopay was NOT coming from your account? my online banking goes back 18 months. I have put in a request for records from 2012 to 2016. There is no guarantee they will be available and maybe not by the 25th when my answer is due. 3. How certain are you that this is N
  3. I am being sued by Unifund. I don't recall the debt. I pulled my credit report and can't find OC (citibank cc) or JDB on any of them. I contacted their attorney and Unifund and requested any other info they had to help validate this so I could negotiate if in fact it was legit. (Just courtesy call nothing formal in writing) They sent appx 6 statements from 2015 and 2016 on act opened in 2012. At first glance I noticed my name. I have a very common name , (like Barb Jones or Cathy Smith common) and my medical records have been confused with a woman by the same name but different birthday,