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  1. Hey everyone; I have a "charge-off" debt originally from Capitol One, now through Portfolio Recovery Associates. The balance owed is approximately $1,050. They've sent me a letter saying "Second Notice: Account Transferred to Litigation Department. At this time, no attorney has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account." They then said it can be settled for ~$840, if received by 9/05/2018. Well, unfortunately it went to my old address, where my brother currently lives but since we haven't talked in months after a petty disagreement, I only received the letter today, 9/23. To be honest I'm willing to settle it for some amount (would they likely take $350-400?) but I'm not sure where to start. From reading on here, it seems I'm too late to send a debt validation letter? Would that even help if I did? How should I proceed in contacting them and do I say, upfront, I would be willing to pay X or what have you? This is a very old debt from when I first entered college and became beyond apathetic to this debt since I was trying to not get evicted, being a college student in San Francisco with its crazy rent prices. But I'm willing to really just pay it, although part of me wonders what the point would be if it's now gone against my credit twice now I assume? I assume the main concern would be avoiding them trying to get a court judgment against me if I never paid? I would genuinely appreciate any thoughts or advice. Thanks