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  1. @sadinca Thank you! I will file a general denial, i'd prefer to say as little as possible. I've never had to file court paperwork before, i'm assuming I can google instructions or youtube it? Also, i've been reading some of these posts and threads and see that they will try to settle or could possibly drop the case if I deny their attempt to settle, what will most likely be the outcome and next steps from me filing a GD? Thank you thank you for all your help! This platform is truly amazing.
  2. @sadinca Thank you so much for the help! It looks like the complaint is not verified, I do not see that doc anywhere in the summons packet. I was just served last night 7/24 and it looks like it was filed/endorsed 7/11. I was served at my mothers house during dinner! Which is odd because I live on my own and have moved twice so the address on the paperwork is very old. The last payment on the alleged account was 10/11/16. Besides the old statement, everything that was attached is extremely generic and does not have an account number or my name on it. Again, thank you so much for your help! I'm unsure of how to move forward and the documnet says I only have 30 days to respond.
  3. Please help me, I have no clue how to respond! Cavalry SPV I, LLC is suing me for $3,369.87. My debt was bought from Citibank on 8/12/17. I'm not sure if it's verified. The evidence against me is a basic sale of account document (exhibit 1) and and old statement with a lesser balance of $2,671.00 (exhibit 2). I have never even spoken to anyone from this company! I'm a broke college student who has recently been laid off and can't afford this. I would highly appreciate any advice on how to move forward.
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