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  1. Let's say a corporation has the following language in its arb clause: Consumer files arb. Business files an answer/denial stating that it seeks attorney fees/costs to defend claim that it believes is unwarranted. 1. Does the business' request for attorney fees qualify as another claim? 2. Does the arb clause preclude such a claim in the same arb where it would be "consolidated"? i.e. would the counterclaim need to be raised in a new arb? Thanks
  2. I tried National Health Enrollment and that entity does not exist. Pedro Colon is an RA for several businesses, but not National Health Enrollment. There are a few variations of this name for corporate entities, but all of the ones I find involve a dissolved corporate entity, i.e. they covered their tracks. I am not interested in blocking the calls. I want to sue. That is the only way to stop them.
  3. I have settled several TCPA suits and arbs and this is no small-time outfit. They are sophisticated. The calls span back 6 months, have been on three different phones that I had, and they regularly change numbers. It is rare for them to use the same number more than twice. Call blocking won't work. When I do get an operator on the line, they refuse to provide an address (because they know they are in violation), and they are cryptic about their location, but they all sound like they are in the US. There are no accents from any of the operators. Someone must have figured out wh
  4. Hi All, I have received well over 100 robodialed calls from "Ann" from "National Health Enrollment Center" where the service acts as some sort of health insurance broker. The calls come from a variety of numbers and obviously the company is changing its numbers regularly to avoid detection. I presume these are burner numbers they go through. This is a real problem because they literally fill up my voicemail inbox in a few days and I can't receive messages from others. Has anyone been able to determine who this company is? I scoured PACER and several other sites and can't find any