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  1. I apologize but I was struggling and not very computer trained. I only missed twice the first time I notified the clerk. The Plaintiff is holding back info and no one told me about the Change in Court date. On the calendar they have me listed twice same case , same time , but two different attorneys. The one who got the default was the one I never met. I do not know how to attach just figured out PDF still trying to learn drop box. I was on a medical watch that prevented me from showing up. I am trying to learn how to redact and what I need to redact. If you can help I would appreciate it.
  2. Yes it’s Midland Funding they are trying to get MSJ for no response to admissions but they will lose again I have proof. Plus, they have that ugly problem called Standing, I only had 14 days to prepare and reading all of this crap while heavily medicated is difficult. Well unfortunately I was too ill to make court the second week after they continued fo Attorney. I know I would have won and was prepared to win my trial but now I have to figure this out. How can I win a Motion to Vacate? The Court Clerk and Plaintiff Midland are in cahoots but I cannot afford this on my credit. It cause everything to go up.
  3. Hello can someone help me trying to respond to Motion For Summary Judgement
  4. How can they win at trial if I win the MSJ ? I have 2 weeks to give my response to this weak MSJ
  5. This was never on my credit report until Midland put it there. I challenged it as not being my account and it was removed. That is why I was fighting so hard
  6. I just hate damaging my credit but you’re right my health is more important.
  7. Well now they’re are asking for Motion For Summary Judgement stated I did not answer admissions within 15 days. This is not true . I completed in front of Judge and Plaintff. How do I answer this motion ? I am not strong enough to defend myself anymore because f heart/ lung issues. This case is over 2 years. Is it too late to bring in Attorney
  8. I thought about settling my husband thinks I should but I have won before. How much is reasonable on a 500 dollar debt ?
  9. I will keep fighting cannot get a judgement even if they cannot get exempt income other things can increase because it would lower my scores.
  10. This was done in front of a judge early in my case when the fraud and disability these guys are butt holes. My health cannot take it and the claim is too darn small to get an attorney .
  11. You are right they are not asking for banking info but they are asking about a card that I have denied having. I cannot answer any of the questions about this card or go and fill out a police report for said card. What I shared was that my information was compromised four times twice by the government so I am on watch for fraud. They keep ignoring that I am disabled and receive disability. I would provide them the information if they accept hardship and exempt instead of accepting fraud complaint.