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  1. oh i thought they did based off of the first response. Ive had a new job since june 30th, but i will def hold off on getting another. I'm going monday to meet with an attorney hopefully i get it all squared away so i can relax for a bit. i wished i would have filed a couple years ago but was stubborn and thought i could climb myself out of all the debt but its way more difficult than i thought to find a GREAT paying job. thanks for the input and help!
  2. I mean they could take my things, but I came here with very little from California and live pretty modestly since losing my job. Everything of value I did own laptop, bicycle, tv, etc, I already sold to pay bills back when I couldn't find a job in California. I just never knew that deputies made money from getting people to pay their debt. Also him continuing on that I shouldn't call citibank or the attorney he mentioned or a bankruptcy attorney made me a littler weary.
  3. Yeah thats what I've been discussing with family. I received something on the 10th and called citibank about making payments. also explained that I also might be filing bankruptcy and they told me they would mail me paper work. ( still waiting for it ). Looks like on my next day off I'll be meeting with a lawyer about filing bankruptcy. I was mainly confused by the deputy when i spoke with him over the phone. The conversation was just super odd, and telling him I was probably going to file bankruptcy made him angry and thats when he kept repeating that I needed to get money from my parents. thank you for your help !!
  4. I had an officer come to my house yesterday when I was at work. My step father answered the door told the man I wasn't home. The officer then said " well why is her car out front?", " Her car is leaking oil so a friend drove her" " What friend?" " I don't know" " Where does she work" " I don't know, some hotel downtown" I got home called the officer who was super RUDE! and he basically told me that he could take my car and any property. I told him that I only owned a car, what else was he going to do, come in and take my clothes and books, I don't own anything of value really. He told me I needed to pay the debt ($8,111) I explained I don't have that kind of money and I barely make a $1,000 a month. I live in NC minimum wage here is $7.25. He told me to ask my parents. Full disclosure I live at my parents home which is nice and big but im 27 and only live here because i lost my nice job in california and lost my father at 24. I used to have an amazing credit score of (830) credit line of about $30,000. However when I lost my job and my Dad past I got really depressed and am not one to ask for help and tried to just make things work, resulting in me running up all my cards. I've been working to basically afford to live. Having about $150-200 left over if I choose to mooch off my parents even more and eat their food. ANYWAYS... I told the officer I am not in that kind of reality, I don't just ask my parents for money or handouts. Its not their problem it's mine, and they may live in a nice home but thousands of dollars is still a lot to them. I asked him what the minimum amount would be he told me " I can't just come to the table with $1,000" told him I would file bankruptcy.. I'm about $28,000 in debt total. he told me that was stupid and it would be a waste. i would be paying a lawyer $5,000-$6,000 and it would be on my record for 20 years, i asked if payments where an option and he told me know i asked if i should just call citibank or the lawyer he mentioned and he said no, i would be dealing with him from now on. again asked for a minimum he said now, get a realistic number, i said why would i ask my parents for money then give you the number have you tell me its not enough just to ask them for more. I hung up on him, my mother then called him and was very nice till he was just as rude to her at which point she said she didn't appreciate his threats. so in my opinion it seems as if they get a cut or a kickback from these companies, because he was very concerned with me paying as much as i could and only going through him not a lawyer or the creditor or trying to sway me against filing bankruptcy.