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  1. I filed with JAMS, and never sent any filing fees. I recommend that you just file and don't send any fees. They will ask for payment if necessary. It seems like the agreement says that they will pay fees if you ask. I would request that they pay filing fees when you send them notice.
  2. I have disputed the collection from PRA with all 3 CRA's online. Included a copy of judge's order to dismiss with prejudice. All 3 did not delete and status was updated. Any advice on what to do going forward? Got to speak with Allied Interstate who asked for a person I have never heard of, told them there is no such person at this number. Have not received another call.
  3. Emailed JAMS saying the parties have reached a settlement on this issue and I would like to withdraw the case. They thanked me for the update. I have disputed the collection from PRA with all 3 CRA's and included a copy of the judge's order to dismiss the case with prejudice. Have not received any response just yet but it was only done a few days ago. Received another call from Allied Interstate and answered the phone. No response. I will update when I have any new information.
  4. Didn't answer, but received a call from Allied Interstate today. Didn't leave a message. Looking online found out this is a collection agency that handles collections for Synchrony Bank. I have no other outstanding defaulted debts or collections besides the one from Synchrony Bank that was just dismissed with prejudice by PRA. If this is in regard to the case that was just dismissed, what should I do? Have no solid information about what it is in regard to but just want to know my options if this is indeed about the debt that I just had dismissed with prejudice. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Well, it is officially over. Got letter today from court of judge's order to dismiss the case with prejudice. Should I write JAMS dismissing the arbitration case? Or just let them close the case for no payment on November 27th? Also, if the TL on credit reports does not get deleted within 90 days, as the attorney said will be done, any advice on what I should do? Again, I want to thank everyone for their help and advice, especially @fisthardcheese.
  6. I believe I thoroughly pissed this attorney off, which makes me think I did a very good job with this whole ordeal. I probably spent less than $25 which was all for certified mail. I did not pay any fees to JAMS. All I want is for it to be dismissed with prejudice and get it off of my credit reports.
  7. Received a late night reply from the attorney to my last email. It says: "When we dismiss a case with prejudice, the trade line will automatically be deleted within 90 days. Regardless of whether you dismiss the case with JAMS or not, we would not pay the filing fee as we no longer have a case against you".
  8. I emailed the attorney again with what you suggested. I am not going to push this issue anymore. I agree with what you said as far as it is being dismissed with prejudice. I will try to deal with credit reports later if necessary. I feel it is a win either way.
  9. I emailed the attorney this morning and asked that PRA agree to delete all trade lines from all of the credit reporting agencies, then I will contact JAMS to dismiss the arbitration case. She emailed me back asking, have you sent the arbitration fee to JAMS? Really? I don't understand why she would ask that.
  10. Should I email the attorney again and state that I want PRA to agree to remove all tradelines from all the CRA's?
  11. Thank you very much for all your help. I really appreciate all the assistance from everyone.
  12. Not exactly what I was expecting, but this is what I received from PRA attorney in mail today: . Going forward, what do I need to do to get the collection off of my credit reports? Will I also be able to get the charge off from Synchrony Bank off of my credit reports?
  13. Just called JAMS, who said they will be sending out a final notice about missing filing fees on October 25th. They said that PRA will have 30 days to pay or the case will be closed. Should I contact PRA attorney again about settlement and include an expiration date? Or should I just wait and stay silent at this time?
  14. It does not say anything about a specific date. It just says that all deadlines under the applicable rules are stayed until the filing fee is received.
  15. They send out a second notice of missing filing fee which was dated September 27th.
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