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  1. There's an old account on my Experian report being reported as delinquent that I have no recollection of having any account with the company listed. It's so old, the field on the report that says when it will stop being reported by Experian says December 2018 (4 months from now.) However I'm about to apply for an Auto Loan in a month and my credit is in the mid 600's so want to increase my score to get the best rates. I read in another forum that filing a dispute and losing can be reported to lenders and look bad. I read one story (hard to believe) where disputing it, reset the age of the account. I also read the credit reporting bureaus are supposed to have some sort of opt-out option where they want report any ancillary information like dispute history to lenders (is that true?) With 4 months to go until it falls off my report I'm wondering if it's worth disputing or if the potential downside risks of losing the dispute. I started the online procedure (didn't submit it) and it has an option for dispute reason for "I don't recognize this account." It was so long ago, it could have been an account that was under a different name at the time I used it. I read that with disputes you need to provide proof (such as that you paid off the account or closed the account) but in this case I don't see what proof I would have to provide on my end that the account isn't mine. For all I know it was an account my ex-wife signed up for that I didn't know about. The bottom line is I don't have any sort of documentation to prove it doesn't belong to me, but if the lender doesn't respond to an inquiry with information to prove it, (like a signed document), then do I win the dispute?