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    I welcome all feedback and responses to my questions even if it is not what I expected or I disagree with them. Not sure if you have noticed, but I never disparage anyone with a different point of view or opinion and I discuss only the subject matter and never make it personal or resort to personal attacks. 

    About your conclusion that I know the answers in advance / I made up my mind... you give me too much credit. I genuinely do not know the right answer, although sometimes I have some idea about possibilities. Responses help me consider issues I had not even thought of and give me ideas to do my own research. I thought posting my conclusions could help others, but it is giving the wrong impression.

    I was not aware that I was being so annoying. It was not my intention to come off as a know it all.

    I do appreciate the reminder about my unsupported opinions. It must be frustrating having to repeat it and me failing to implement it. I do understand it, I am just not bright enough to put it into practice.

    Bad habits die hard, but I will try my best to limit myself to asking questions and refrain from justifying my points of view.

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      Thank you and I am sorry I gave the wrong impression of being a know it all.

      I agree with you that the problem is with the OC, who is the one who actually reported me deceased. I have not contacted them yet. I want to have documentation first, in case I have to sue, so I ordered credit reports from all bureaus since I only had one of them.

      My question is whether the CA has any liability.  The OC gave them my file, but the OC may argue, as part of their reasonable procedures to ensure accuracy, that they expected the CA to verify that I was indeed dead. So they can blame each other and avoid responsibility for reporting false, unverifiable information. 

      Is discovery the only way to find out for sure who is actually responsible? or is it the OC because whatever it did, it was the one who actually made the false report? Can they hide behind a bona fide error if they hired the CA to make sure I was dead?

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