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  1. You are amazing. I so appreciate everything you have provided and I will be adding it to the pretrial memo. I called an attorney yesterday. Hopefully, I will have their guidance, as well. Thank you for your time and for providing your thoughts. Best to you!
  2. Thank you so much, Clydesmom. I have attached the pretrial memorandum. The attorney stated to supplement my responses to this document. They will also change the title from Plaintiff to Joint Pretrial Memorandum. I don't know what to provide in the Defendant sections. The only response I have stated throughout was a denial of the debt and now that I have the account detail, my response would now include that the account detail is not valid, due to the difference in the Bill of Sale date of March 30, 2017 and the Exhibit 1 referenced with a purchase date of 8/1/2017. Thank y
  3. Sorry for the emojis'. It should read Exhibit C and Exhibit D.
  4. The pre-trial meeting for a debt collection is coming up shortly and the attorney for Cavalry SPV has provided the discovery, which includes the following: As per the suit, the Citibank account was opened in 2006 1.) EXHIBIT A: A typewritten cover page (no letterhead) with only the last four digits of the credit card account, dated 5/8/2016 and an address that I have never used for any financial account (This address also does not match the statements they provided). 2.) Exhibit B: They provided a generic credit card agreement, which is dated July 2013. Note: The account w