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  1. I am desperate right now.  I am going completely insane.  I don't know what's going on. Can you help me!

    1. Clydesmom


      What do you need help with?


  2. I have an eBay account and I have been getting crazy amount of weird things going on with it. I have now shut it down. I have one order left to ship so I have their phone number and email address. I emailed them but checking to see if I should call or what I should do. I still can’t figure out if this is just one big joke on me or if I should reach out and see if this person can help me. What are your thoughts?
  3. I did. Which makes him think my conspiracy theory is true and he is taking my phone and making me go to bed. This is the severity of it. I don't know what to do.
  4. @LaneBlane I am confused as heck. Can you give me an explanation so I can show my husband. He is not convinced this is a conspiracy against me and I am tired and my head hurts and I just can’t figure out what to do.
  5. I just woke up and got all this is. However I missed my deadline for the court to withdrawal. I got it in at 4:31. Will this matter. I can see the motion is on court page and literally just submitted my motion to withdrawal
  6. So I am confused too. Was I not supposed to file that motion to hear mtd in court? I honestly don’t have a clue what is going on. I don’t know who I am supposed to be trusting as who not to trust. I am so lost. @LaneBlane
  7. @LaneBlane. I have the letters opening and closing the the court compelled cases that matches up with the dates the motion to compel was granted. Do I need anymore specific things like objecting to not properly filing a motion to amend the cases or anything? I am still so confused and distorted. So is everyone on here still trying to help me? Or some still trying to hurt me?
  8. So if this is simply a clerical error, then the arbitrator would have authority to take the 22K award off. Am I understanding this right?
  9. In court for my Opposition for MTD sanctions, I clearly laid out everything and ended with now we have a letter that clearly shows which case was which, she was lying and in the end part explaining now the arbitrator decided to make a decision in her favor of 22K even though he said he was only had authority for one and now I am trying to figure out how to clean up this mess she left in arbitration. I don't know if my Motion for Order on all pending matters due to the severity of issues at hand means the court will look at it and make a decision on the MFS and MTD MFS? Or if we all have to be gathered to have an in person hearing first. Edit: I see now.
  10. @Harry Seaward I filed my motion for order for all pending motions in court this morning. I am not sure what my next step in aaa should be? I have until the 15th for an appeal. Is that what I want to ask for right now? edit: @LaneBlane
  11. So with an appeal/redo, would you wait until you get the motion to dismiss first or send the letter with AAA closing the case? I "should" be getting my MTD sooner rather than later if I picked up on what the court was throwing at me early on. I guess I really don't know if appeal or redo would be better in this situation, if I hear back from court sooner rather than later.
  12. I’ve thought long and hard. I think I will just file Bk. I was hoping to be able to at least try to settle on the credit cards I owe. But at this point, I am just so confused and tired. My head hurts. I do appreciate all your help though. The stress of this is just too much.
  13. Yes, I am assuming I need to send that to the case manager as well. I will get that together and send it. Probably with a clearer more precise Motion for Appeal obviously. Thanks!
  14. I am not sure how exactly how the appeal process works in arbitration. Do I need to like type something up? I am so confused. This could by why I haven't heard anything back on my clerical, and everything error. I don't know. I sent another email to the case manager since Unifund didn't reply to my answer about a surreply. Which why would she? Anyway, I just said: I assumed this was just a clerical error, but now after her not answering if she filed a surreply, I am pretty certain she may have. AAA rules say both parties must agree to an appeal. The other party is clearly not agreeing to it. Our credit card agreement states "any award by an arbitrator is final unless a party appeals in writing to the AAA within 30 days of award. The arbitration appeal shall be determined by a panel of 3 arbitrators" The evidence I provided clearly shows that case#01-19-0000-7411 was the court ordered case and she intentionally did not pay this because she thought she could add it to case#01-19-0000-1521 to make my case appear frivolous. I would like to file a motion to appeal. I just don't really know how "formal" all this is supposed to be since this entire case has been so informal and messy.
  15. I think this is where I messed up. Since she was attached too, and then she responded she refuses an appeal, what should I do now? I don’t even know if the arbitrator will ever even see this. Should I just submit an appeal or wait to hear something?
  16. @fisthardcheese What do you think I should do? I haven’t heard back yet about if the arbitrator can do anything. I looking through the aaa rules, I don’t think the arbitrator can do anything. Think I should just file an appeal and attach my credit card agreement? And how in detail does this appeal have to be?
  17. I guess the only thing to do now is just wait for the arbitrator and see what he can do. I will keep you guys updated!
  18. I wonder what the judge will do at my hearing. It's a hearing for her MTD my Sanctions. Which I opposed. Now we are left with my sanctions. But now she has an arbitrators award for that amount. Gosh she made a mess!
  19. I did file a timely objection. Since she didn't send me her "counterclaim" and case manager finally had to step in and send them because she wouldn't, they gave me 14 days to object. Which I did. But of course she continued to play dumb. Which added even more confusion. Ugh. She made such a mess of this. I don't even know what to do.
  20. Yes, this is when the court set the hearing. Friday was when my opposition was due. Which I got it in, barely. But one look at this VERY strong opposition, there is no way in heck this lawyer can argue their way out of it. Is there anything I can do before the August 12? So pretty much we get there, she has $22K award with a description from the arbitrator that will make it VERY clear she was confusing him. And I will have VERY clear evidence that she did this INTENTIONALLY since she PURPOSELY didn't serve me the "so called counterclaim" and continued to confuse everyone. So now I am stuck with having to higher a lawyer to get these "personal damages" back? Ugh. I am just so confused on what I should do.
  21. But the thing is, the lawyer KNEW what she was doing! She did this on purpose from the beginning!
  22. I knew I was right about the bill of sales.
  23. Ok, I am pretty sure I have it all figured out now. Thanks everyone for your help!! I can't thank you enough. I would have been so lost had it not been for this site! I feel like I was on the Truman show. This was so bizarre.
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