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  1. I wish I could go this route but one of my student loans considers my credit. I was denied the loan based on this one account in collection. The only way I can appeal is if I can have it cleared, show proof it is paid off or have made 6 consecutive months of payments. Do you have any advice on how to approach Midland to get the best deal on making payments toward this? I don't think I will have enough for a lump sum payment. Thanks!!
  2. Hi creditsamurai, I only got a few notices from them that I was in collection and that they may sue. I moved shortly after that and have not received any notices at my new address.
  3. Hi Goody, Sorry for replying so late, it's the start of the semester. I hate to have to deal with Midland but I applied for a student loan but was denied because of this negative account. In order to appeal their decision, I need to have any negative accounts cleared, paid or made payments toward it consecutively for 6 months.
  4. Hi, While living in California, I got into debt with an Amazon card (SYNCB/AMAZON PLCC) for $3,500. It was closed in 11/27/16 and bought by Midland around 4/27/17. I remember getting some notices (settlement offer then threat to sue) around that time but did not have the money to pay anything at that time. I moved to Lakewood, CO for school in August 2017. I am still in school so I don't have much money but need to find a way to settle the debt. I don't need to have it taken off my credit, I just want to settle with a smaller lump sum. The original debt was actually around $2,600 but with all the interest and fees it ended up being $3,500 before the account was closed. Is there a way to get them to settle for a smaller amount and by how much typically? Thanks!
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