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  1. Thank you for answering. So as I understand I have no basis to ask for debt validation in the first place. What about pay for delete then? Do I have any real chances?
  2. So the 2 charge offs are both from July 2016. The 2 paid off accounts are June 2014 and November 2017. I see what you mean, do you advise staying quiet until the SOL passes in July 2020? My basis for my dispute is only to remove them from the report, doesn't seem like there any other discrepencies with these items.
  3. Hi everybody, I just got my husband's credit report yesterday and I'm super motivated to finally improve his credit. Upon investigating the report, I discoved 4 negative accounts with First Premier Bank. Two of the 4 accounts show as paid off and closed, but two show charge offs. Just to give you an idea, the two charge offs are both around $400. They are scheduled to continue until 2022 and 2023 so I definitely want to get that taken care of before. So my question to you is what is the best way to proceed with disputing? My ideas so far: 1) Option 1, starting with a classic debt validation letter for all 4 accounts. To my knowledge the accounts are true but who knows if they can prove it. Also hesitating, if debt validation would work different for paid accounts and charged off accounts. Does having them all with 1 creditor make disputing more difficult? And finally, in your experience when it comes to same creditor, is individual account disputing more succesful or disputing them all at once in the same letter? 2) Option 2, which seems more reasonable to me, is trying to settle with Bank on charged off acounts. I could call and offer 40-80% of whatever the balance in turn for agreeing in writing that the accounts would be marked 'paid as agreed'. Would that mean after the settlement I still need to remove them from the report? Does any of you has advice on settling a balance in turn for removal from credit report? Is it possible that First Premier may only want to negotiate removing 2 charged off accounts upon settlement, leaving the other 2 paid off accounts still in file? So which option would you choose? I would be very grateful for any advice. So far this forum has been a lifesaver and I am motivated more than ever to sort my husband's credit and move forward with our goals. *Edited to add that this is First Premier Bank. Reading other people's stories with them they are not easy to settle for pay for delete. Seems like a tough nut to crack. Anybody got experience with First Premier I would appreciate any tips.
  4. I want to repair my husband's credit but I can't get started because Annual Credit Report won't send me his credit report. So 1/4/2018 I ordered it by mail, attached a copy of his driver's license and a copy of a bill just to be safe they have an address proof. Since then nothing, nobody ever got back to me and I have solely used the discover credit tracking. Fast forward 2019, I try to order his report again this time by phone since mail was unsuccesful. It has been more than 15 days and I got nothing again. Sent them a complaint through their online system and surprise, nobody has reached out to me. I am getting really frustrated and debating just ordering it online but I know if I do it I will limit my rights to dispute the accounts on the credit report. What is your advice? Is there any other way to contact these guys? Should I just give up and order online? Could there be a problem with address verification and that's why I don't get a response from them? Also, this if my first ever post here and just want to say I love being a part of this supportive community.