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  1. I was just curious if debt validation is a good idea? I received letter from a collection agency stating that they have purchased a charged off debt from Sallie Mae (Not federal, Private Loan). In the letter they sent they give me the balance owed. The amount is high, close to $10,000. In the letter, it looks like they do have the full account number, and balance owed and purchased from Sallie Mae. In the letter they go on to state that I can send a debt validation letter within 30 days, without that letter they will assume the debt to be valid and it goes onto say they will obtain a judgement
  2. thanks for the responses; since I admit to the debt looks like we will be settling, and no need to do an opposition answer to the msj? Also if we settle, there is no need for a court date right? Do I just ask for the plaintiff to withdraw the suit? Also there are 4 lawyers listed on my msj, do I just contact the one checkmarked and listed on the plaintiff's behalf. On another note, before I knew any better, there is a debt consolidation company I hired a couple years ago to help me pay off a couple of collection agencies that I owed, one of them will be paid off in September,so I guess PFA wi
  3. Thanks so much for the reply, last date of payment was August 2014, which means they are within the SOL per Texas law, I just don't know if I might be able to argue that they waited for 2 years to file an msj after I responsed to the notice of appearance but again due to my lack of experience I never requested a trial take place..On another note, I read somewhere that SOL starts 30 days after last date of payment..maybe I'm misreading the Santos case, but it seems to strengthen the Plaintiff's side although I'm in need of a few hours of sleep so maybe I'm misintrepreting?
  4. Hi Everyone; I'm being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates for almost 2,000. Original credit card was opened in Texas, I now live in Washington state, SOL for Texas is 4 years and PFA is within the SOL...also In addition, they do have a very strong case. This is the timeline.. In September 2016, I received a notice of appearance from PFA. I did file my answers in October 2016, filed a copy with the court and sent the copy to the lawyer listed on the document. Due to my lack of experience, in one of my answers I do admit to owing the debt to Synchrony Bank. (My assumption is that