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  1. Pa. Mother sold home in Fl. I am caretaker.  Mom giving three of us 48,000.  I don’t understand who will owe gift taxes.  She already deducted 50;000 from sale of home to my Brother.  Selling home for 200,000 less 50,000 to Brother.  Can anyone tell me who owes taxes and how much.  Thanks again, Jacar 

  2. Pa.  Thanks again..  My Mother 86 years old received  by regular mail a civil action lawsuit from Citibank, plaintiff  and the letter was from Attorney.  she never had  credit card.    It reads Praecipe  discontinue without prejudice from an attorney.   She never received any other mail from Citibank or this attorney .   Should I ask for verification   Thank u  Jacar 

  3. Pa. I made a mistake and sent Validation letters to original creditor   they sent me a copy of amount owed and copy of my  electronic signature .  Stated reasons that the debt is valid.  What could I do now.  My Mother’s debt which is 84 years old. Thank you