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  1. Thank you @Harry Seaward and thank you @WhoCares1000 so much! Your advice is helping put my mind at ease. I haven't been hounded by BofA yet, though they did send me something via UPS today (that I haven't had a chance to see yet). I am also getting more emails from them. I will try to scrape together at least another payment. The holiday season usually brings in more money for me anyway. I have discussed the possibility of a loan with my family member. We both agree that I should borrow as little as possible and try to ride this out. However, I definitely want to send a payment before I am 6 months late. Hopefully at least two payments. We don't expect too many complications with the inheritance. The family all gets along and there is a will. We may even be able to avoid probate (we're still waiting to find out). Probate would be in California. There may be a few small complications but I doubt they would be too time-consuming. Yeah, my family has cautioned me not to tell BofA about the inheritance and I wasn't intending to, but you have now explained why. Wow, yeah, I won't be telling them anything! Another thing I read about (and worried me) was the possibility of wage garnishments or something like that. I definitely don't want that to happen. (Especially when it's just a waiting game and they WILL get their money!) What is the possibility of that happening and how long would it take for them to do that (if they can)? Thank so much to you both for your encouraging and helpful advice.
  2. This is all new territory for me. I don't like the idea of collections hounding me and I don't want to be sued. Maybe that's an irrational fear; I don't know. But based on what I'm seeing in my online account, BofA is considering the "minimum payment due" to be all three months combined. I obviously can't afford that, but a relative *might* be willing to front me that much money. The longer I wait, the higher that "minimum payment" will be, if I am understanding this right. Thanks so much for the information you've given me.
  3. Long story short, I am three months behind on one of my credit cards which has a hefty balance. I can't seem to make any payment arrangements with Bank of America. Recently I learned I will be getting a significant inheritance. (Enough to MORE than pay off the balance on all my credit cards.) The problem is I have to wait for the inheritance and there MAY be probate (we don't know yet). Probate could take months. I don't think it will be years, but who knows? My question is, how do I buy time until I can get the money and pay everything off? I am thinking of asking a family member for a loan for this one credit card (I missed the past three months of payments). I don't want to borrow from her each month, maybe this one time, then wait and see how long probate takes and play it by ear. I may miss some upcoming payments, but if I can pay some of the time, would this delay Bank of America sending my debt to a collection agency? I hesitate to tell them about the inheritance just in case. (I don't know...I am as certain as I can be that I'll get it, but I don't have it YET.) Any advice you can give me, I'd really appreciate. Thanks!