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  1. So the general consensus is this is just a scammer? Hopefully that's the case would I be good to just ignore this then, as I have not been formally served papers at all? Also, could I still ask for validation as I have never been formally given a letter or served? Or does this email count"if it was real"
  2. This is what they sent me, is this actually a scam I been entertaining scammers for so long? The number they have is a 202-899-9889 not a typical scammer number and when I called it sounded like a white women answered( so not an Indian or african scammer). The email they have is and if this is fake how did they get which bank I owed? .
  3. So Midland sent me a threatening letter via email saying they are acting on Citi behalf and are going to take court actions on me if I dont pay a debt of 781(but I owed a debt of 383 to citi) and then at the time I didn't know anything so I tried to stall them and got it waited out till now. But They just sent me asking to pay 100$ via Walmart gift card, monogram. And it's weird so I decided to look more into it and found this site and wanted to see what my options are. I have never been served a paper summons does the email count as a summons? I have never received a call,text, or email from them before this, and I haven't seen anything on my credit from them I think so what could be done? Could me emailing them and saying I could pay be used against me?