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  1. I just love when I get these. Makes my day! his Email is to notify you that You are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within a couple of days. For non-payment of your debt dues. Which will be criminal prosecution and because of it your SSN is put on hold by the US Government, so before something goes wrong we would like to notify you about this matter. It seems apparent that you have chosen to ignore all our efforts to contact you in order to resolve your debt with ACE Loan Services. At this point, you have made your intentions clear and leave us no choice but to protect o
  2. pkh6965


    Yep figured as much. Thety called again this morning and the girl said unfourtenly her colleague was not able to make it out today so she has taken over her caseload and this is my final notification and if I need to rescheduel to call the filing party. Again no names of any companies! I'm sad some people fall for this.
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    Think this is a potential scam...but Got this message: This message is for (my name) and is solely intedted for (my name), excuse my pronouncation of your name. My name is ALyssa Mitchell and I've been tasked with delivery certified documents which are under your name as well as your Social security number with delivery scheduled for tomorrow May 11th between 3 and 5. If you have any questions concerns or need to rescheduel prior to my arrival it is imperative that you contact teh filign partys office directly at 844 912 3642 and refer to your file claim number (gives the file number
  4. Thanks, I thought so. Just sounded so weird. My first thing was how the call said they were from my county but the id on my phone says San Antonio.
  5. Got this phone call this morning: Hello this message is for (my name) . My name is Miranda Wright and I am calling from Midland County (inaudible-think she said processing). I'm calling to from the county processing unit and were' calling today regarding a fax of the verification I had come into our office from Keller and Phillips. It is sitting here with a potential judgement and that it is schedule to be filed tomorrow July 3rd, through the county clerk. A mandatory 24 hour hold was placed on the documentation per state law just to give time and opportunity for you to reach out to the f
  6. I pretty much thought so. I got another message from him this morning just saying that he was going to deliver these certified documents to my residence this afternoon and if I wasn't there he was going to come to my place of employment where I'll need a signature from a supervisor and security on stand by. And it gives a contact number. Just his name a Joseph Crowley but no other information or identity information. Makes it sound important and I can see where some people fall for this because they make it sound scary.
  7. I got a message yesterday on my phone from a Joseph, and he just said he had been contracted to deliver documents to me today between 3 and 5 and if i was not there he would come to my place of employment with security and my supervisor. I would have to have a photo id to sign etc. It also said there was a filing party and gave a number but it didn't say who the filing party was. Pretty sure it's a scare tactic. Also think it's in some violation of the Federal debt act.
  8. Thanks, I pretty much assumed that by the language and the red flags. I will just ignore it!
  9. I got this this afternoon at 5:00. Mind you it says the settlement is only good for today, but I think I see some violations of the FDCPA, like saying they will contact my employer. Thoughts? And should I respond? Thanks! am the attorney of the National Credit Collections (Hereinafter Plaintiff), I have received your case file today from Jason Ocker. The accounts department of National Credit Collections has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you. This Legal Proceedings Will be issued on Following Details: Name: ****** *******
  10. This is the call I got today and left on my message. Hello P......I was contacting you again today in reference to the claim that is being filed in your name I'm notifying you that you were given the opportunity to contact the office but it is your responsibility for handling your claim. I've yet to receive any documents ordering need to stop the previous order location. My call today is to confirm your scheduled delivery location. I'm responsible for obtaining your signature by the end of business tomorrow. I do have two addresses listed one looks to be a possible place of employment whi
  11. Anyone know about this company? They called me this afternoon and of course never identified the company. I did research on the net and found out it was them. They were talking about a petition to my bank accounts, which I’ve never heard of what a bank petition is. Thinking it’s another scare tactic or scam!
  12. There was no accent and he sounded American.
  13. Thanks I was pretty sure about it since this has happened before and nothing. The guy was American but that doesn't mean anything!
  14. I think this is just a scam but the guy sounded pretty professional on the phone. Anyway I got left a message this morning and it says he is trying to get in touch with me about legal documents attached to my social security number and it need to be delivered to my home address tomorrow between 12-4 (of course Im a work then) and that I need to be there to sign for them. Also the other address is my place of employment and that I need to call them back to speak to them about this. The number is an 830 and when you call it back you just get this guys voice mail. Not sure if this is