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  1. HI, This forum is a godsend and I need help. We were sued by Calvary for about $1600 we responded with the general denial back on aug 16 2018 and heard nothing until today when we got a "Notice of Mandatory Appearance Case Management Conference" I have not sent an demands just simply did the general denial almost a year ago. The only thing they sent us was a copy of bank statements that they filed with the lawsuit. The conference is scheduled for July 26th..what are my next steps? Can someone help me proceed from here? Can we push back the conference? Thanks for your help!
  2. On the general denial form did you least zero affirmative defenses? Also did you just check box 3a..or did you deny each paragraph...mine is due by Friday and they are suing for a debt outside the SOL and I have proof but for now what to get the denial filed asap....
  3. Can anyone help me with filling out the Answer? I have the form and have begun but want to make sure it is write before I file it...
  4. Thank you where is the form to answer the lawsuit? I have all my bank records for the dates in questions and proof of no payment...Winn law group dropped it once I sent them a letter telling them there was no payment but sold the debt to Mandrich. Any help to the answer form and how to fill it out and I will go file it and the counter claim...
  5. HI ALL, I was served last week for a civil lawsuit in local court for a $1500 debt. This is the same debt Winn Law tried to collect 2 years ago and I explained was outside the SOL. In the lawsuit they claim a payment was made on or about dec 2, 2016...the date is dec 3 but it is 2012. I need help in 1st answering the lawsuit..what form do I need and then reporting that they are trying to collect a debt that is outside the SOL. Pressing need is what form to respond and how to answer. Thanks