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  1. Hi Clydesmom, thank you for your help. I just checked all 3 reports and Jormandy LLC / Flexshopper is not anywhere on any of my reports. So my next step is to go down to the courts and counter claim for an FDCPA violation that they sued the wrong party, correct?
  2. No, I did not send it certified. I sent it via regular mail. They also sent the warrant in debt via regular mail as well. Plaintiff : Jormandy LLC assignee of Flexshopper LLC. $4160.52 and 6% interest from DOJ, plus $56 costs and $0 atty fees.
  3. Hi all, I could use some help or a point in the right direction as I am definitely a novice to this. I am being sued by Jormandy LLC.. I received a warrant in debt a few days ago for a court date in October. They previously sent a letter and I asked for proof of debt/debt validation as I've never heard of nor used FlexShopper and they did not reply to me. I have the most common name in the world --- D.Smith. Of course I don't want to be sued. I don't even want to go to court. But I have no idea what to do. I live in VA. Can someone please help point me in the right direction? With this warrant in debt, there is still no proof of debt or debt validation or anything. Thank you in advance.
  4. The clerk called several lawyers & creditors and requested those ppl meet those respective attorneys outside. The lawyer or maybe paralegal met each person in a private room. Unsure of each convo but when it was my turn I went in, said nothing & they requested a continuance. They apologized for a second continuance, said they don’t want to keep dragging me to court but set a new date. All of 30 min
  5. I understand I am past the point, however I was simply stating how I felt.. my apologies. I have done nothing to prepare, I assumed I would receive something in the mail from either Midland or the court. When I realized I didn't, I assumed it was due to the Hurricane. Then Midland called, we had a brief convo, they said they'd send paperwork regarding validation & nothing was received. My fault for assuming, not theirs. Outside of what has been posted on this forum board, no I am not overly familiar w/the Arbitration Provision.
  6. Clydesmom, thank you for your answers. You're right, it was the same courts, although I moved. I didn't even think or know I could have had it vacated due to the incorrect address. I just was terrified honestly when I saw that text on Thursday w/a date of Monday. But that's water under the bridge. I will (try) to get in the fight , the best that I can. I am already anticipating the worse to help soften the blow. I will try my best to file prior to going into the court rom. If the clerk denies me, when I go into court, do I bring it up or do I say as less as possible? I know this doesn't constitute legal advice, but I am wondering if less (talking) is more in this case. I have stalked many many MTC's on this website and on google & they are alot of legal jargon & I just don't want to potentially risk looking even sillier with verbiage I am not familiar with, in the event I am asked a question about it. I could also be reading too much into this. In any event, thank you for your answers thus far. The balance is $7k if that helps anything.
  7. This is such a nightmare. When I called the clerk and informed her that I had never received any paperwork, she simply told me to ask for a continuance. I totally get it she’s not a lawyer so I don’t fault her for anything at all but I just assumed something would eventually have come in the mail. Had my previous landlord not shown me what was sent, judgment probably would have been entered on my behalf.
  8. Hello, I am new here but have stalked the boards for quite some time prior to joining. I think I've read a good deal of info pertaining to me or what I assume would pertain to me but just needing a little guidance. I am a bit nervous but not necessarily "scared". I am being sued by Midland. I have never received anything in the mail nor served etc. I know I am being sued because my previous landlord sent me a picture of the court paper that was either taped/rubber banded on the door. (I moved out of the address they 'served' about 3 months prior ). My previous landlord took a pic & texted it to me. That was on 8/9 and the paper work said my court date was 8/13. I immediately typed a letter and in the letter I simply stated that I needed the date continued b/c I was never served, was unaware of any of this and only know b/c of a text from my previous landlord. I included the text as well. I faxed it in to the court. I checked back the next day (Friday) & the case was continued to 9/25. On 9/14 Midland called me and asked me if I was aware I was being sued. I said yes. They asked if I wanted to settle it. I stated I wanted validation of debt. They said they sent paperwork to XYZ address ( not my address). I informed them of that. They stated they would send it to the proper address within 5 business days. To date, I haven't received anything regarding court papers, all I received was a request to settle ( to the correct address). Had my landlord not shown me what was on the door, I would be none the wiser. The original creditor is Synchrony. I am in Virginia. I plan to show up tomorrow morning & reiterate all that I have said. Should I still go the req for arbitration route? I am unsure of what to do since I never was served or received anything in the mail or in person.