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  1. It seems so strange to me that an OC or JDB would send a letter saying they wouldn’t sue. Do you have any context for that story? I’d love to hear.
  2. From what I’ve heard, Chase hasn’t sold their debts to a JDB or sued on delinquent credit card debts in years. With that in mind, trying to figure if I should just send the $700 or bide my time and wait for the statute of limitations.
  3. Right. This all makes perfect sense. I don’t want to beat myself up later. but why such a low offer?
  4. It’s been two or three years since I’ve last made a payment to Chase bank for the two cards I had with them. Each card (after fees and other random add-ons) tacked up to about $4,000 each. $8,000 total. I’ve heard that Chase bank has been very soft in their collection efforts for quite some time. As in, they haven’t sued anyone for old credit card debt in years. I’ve received letters from Nationwide Credit, Inc. over the last few months. In each letter I’ve received better and more tempting options for settlement. Today I received an offer to settle one card for $350 and another for $350. That’s a $700 settlement for what they’re saying is an $8,000 debt. I’ve dealt with Calvary and Gurstel before and a few other places as well. However, I’ve never been offered close to something like this from anyone. Any insights as to why this could be? Does anyone here believe that Chase will become more aggressive in their collection process (suing) soon? Thanks!
  5. I’m not really interested in proving anything, lol. I’m just telling you what they said and saying that Discover said the same thing, and that the IRS never contacted me about it. For the record, I’m not taking a stance on anything or really advocating or arguing for anything at all. I’m just asking questions. I’m telling you what I’ve experienced in the past and telling you how that has impacted decisions I’m currently making. Am I arguing that my way is the best way? No. I’m just telling you my own experience and asking questions based off that. No need to be defeating arguments that don’t exist. I do appreciate the help, though.
  6. So if Calvary told me that they would not be sending a 1099 to the IRS . . . then I’m fine? When I settled with discover they told me we wouldn’t be issued a 1099. That was years ago. Never heard anything from the IRS. I suppose I still could.
  7. I never “lifted” the dispute status of their claim. Does that have an impact on whether a 1099 is sent?
  8. Question on that: The alleged debt amount was $2,000. $1,000 of that was interest and late fees and other nonsense added on. $1,000 of it was actual goods purchased. If I settled for $500, would a 1099 be required? Can you really say that interest and late fees is “income”? I can see forgiven debt that was actually used to purchase goods being considered as income, and in my case the forgiven amount for actual goods purchased was well under the amount required if we view that definition as income. Does that make sense?
  9. I understand what you’re saying. I guess I’ve had different experiences dealing with debt in the past. For instance, I once settled a debt with discover for 30% and did not receive a letter until two days later, and that letter states that I’m no longer liable for the debt and that they consider the debt paid in full. Meaning: I had nothing in writing prior to paying. They could have done everything you stated and screwed me if they wanted, but they didn’t. So while I understand where you all are coming from, I’m just speaking from my own experience. I’ll be sure to take the advice and run with it. I’ll be receiving a new letter this week and if it’s satisfactory, I’ll make the payment by next week. If all works out, I’ll post again here.
  10. I called and spoke with a manager on the phone. She was really friendly and she said she will add the requested things in and send it out right away. I think I was just talking to a crabby person before, lol.
  11. A few years ago I settled with discover on behalf of my wife. I paid 30% of what was originally owed and they told me they couldn’t send anything until after payment. I paid regardless and and two days later they sent a letter saying that the amount paid settled the account in full and that she was released from any liability on the account.
  12. I called and they told me that it’s the standard letter they use and it should be suitable and that once the settlement is paid they can send me something saying I’m no longer liable. At this point I’m thinking that it will be just fine. I’ll keep the letter and send the money order and call and ask for something afterwards. I know you guys know more than I do regarding this, but the letter does say that it’s an agreement to settle the debt. If they got all weird about it after I paid them, wouldn’t I have enough to bring them to court?
  13. I will do this first thing on Monday when they open. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for this. What is everything I need to ask them to include in the letter? I want to make sure I knock this out in one more go. Should I make sure it is physically signed by someone?
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